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  1. You have every right to vent.. I'm sorry your wife has to deal with all that. Sending lots of mojo her way.
  2. He was posting cat pics on Instagram till recently... RIP https://www.instagram.com/p/CJXRAVbsOORdkBVbRyCA_nzjuR0caOBbnSrY9c0/?igshid=knf21iyghldm
  3. striv

    Tour dates!

    Awww, please do! I also got tickets for Bristol! I don't know the logistics for Bristol yet but I will try to make it. Do we have any other venues listed for London yet. I'll be staying the week. Flying out on Friday.
  4. An old friend and former colleague texted me the other day trying to recruit me for his current company. He was like 'move back here and work for us'. And I was like 'in Trump land?'. That was the end of that conversation.
  5. Yes, it's a cgi cameo. Basically a nod to the original... Saw Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2, twice already. It was just a lot of fun!!! Getting ready for Eurovision this week...
  6. Westworld is a remake of an old Michael Crichton movie. It's a classic. I hear the new show has a cameo with Yul Brynner!?!
  7. currently binging on Iron Fist. no matter how silly it gets I'm still gonna like it cause ... martial arts!!!!!
  8. Just saw Kimi no Na wa (Your Name.) So excellent!!!!!!
  9. We need some beauty in our lives these days.
  10. You know what's even more infuriating than the fact he was elected? Media proclaiming that his approval ratings are the lowest ever! Down to 40% !!!! 40%????? Are you serious? In my country 40% is basically a majority! Fucking 40%? That is a country of bigoted, ignorant, navel gazing, asshats!!!! Isis is having a field party! Putin is having a field party! and Bannon & co are praying for another 9/11 to happen so they can get solid justification for every atrocity they have planned. Us, here in this forum and our ghetto on twitter is just preaching to
  11. The state of the world is going to hell in a handbasket.... Honestly, right now the US is officially under a fascist state of command. I feel like I've been held hostage to my twitter feed for over a week now.... One atrocity after the other! and this is barely week one! First I was like how are we gonna handle four years of this... now I don't even see us lasting a single month! this is insane!!!!! The Muslim ban on Holocaust day? that is not random. that was premeditated. that is the new order. passport holders are being asked for their social media handl
  12. Yowa Peda ftw!!!! Been watching it too! I loved how they picked up right were s02 ended and we got to see the reactions from his mom! that was cute! and the new rival looks good too. Arrival back in December. I haven't been so excited about a sci-fi flick in a very long time!!!! This was awesomeness all around! La La Land. Good old Hollywood musical nostalgia. It's pretty good and the music is excellent. ..... but not so extraordinary to sweep all the awards man. come on..... but it's gonna win all the awards this year. Live by Night...... I hate Ben Af
  13. Avgolemono Soup (my version) Take your typical boring soup; veggie or chicken rice or veggie chicken rice of whatever is in the fridge and make it exceptional! So you have your soup cooking. You take a couple of eggs (room temperature if you can) and separate the eggwhites. Keep the yolk. or you can be adventurous and do one full egg but it's more difficult to keep the eggwhite from cooking when you mix it in the soup. So for a better chance of success.... you just keep the yolk. you mix the eggs pretty well.
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