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  1. Uh... Cheers, Patrick.
  2. The Art Deco Mad Scientists. [Noir's been posting about `Metropolis', btw.] Cheers, Patrick.
  3. Didn't see this part at first. I don't know if he was even feeling that sick before a heart attack on New Years day. From that point he was pretty out of it, so... no? Hopefully not. Patrick.
  4. Heard about his condition from a mutual friend named Chris, but I don't think you know him. Later heard he'd died, from his cousin. Patrick.
  5. @xen0phile, this morning. Please don't refer to him by [real] name or mention this on social media, until his whole family's been notified. This wouldn't be a good way to find out. He had diabetes and high blood pressure, then pancreatitis, then organ failure, including eventual heart failure. But no CV-19 , which is almost strange these days. He was kind to cats and [mostly] nice to people. You all know he lived under a heavy load of depression and disappointment. I hope he's free now. Sing with me. Cheers, Patr
  6. Clicked onto the wrong end of this thread and noticed this... It hasn't aged well. :-\ Not your fault though. Cheers, Patrick.
  7. I did a thing. Hope you like it. :-) See description for details. Cheers, Patrick.
  8. So, uh, Venezuela. Several shady governmental and paramilitary things going sideways at once. Just throw in a rogue AI and it's pretty much a Gibson novel. Cheers, Patrick.
  9. That may be so, but you seem to like people a lot more when your mom's not talking your ear off. Cheers, Patrick.
  10. Well, it is phenomenally ugly, to me. But I can see a bit of a `Metalhead' aspect to it, a specific kind of ugliness. Cheers, Patrick.
  11. For you, xen0critter. Cheers, Patrick.
  12. Cotton Candy Viking Poodle [My friend collects / restores / customizes dolls.] Cheers, Patrick.
  13. The Ugly Shirt. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/evj9bm/adversarial-design-shirt-makes-you-invisible-to-ai
  14. https://www.orionsarm.com/ This is great -- a grand sweeping space opera of a community world-building exercise, which spans thousands of years. Looks like it's still under development too. As with Wikipedia, you can get lost in the cross-references and wander around in this thing for days. Of particular interest is the number of extinct species, fallen empires, derelict ships and other artifacts, some of which are many milllions of years old. It aspires to cover a truly inhuman time-scale. I'm not sure if `space opera' has the right connotations, because they stric
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