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  1. @dbThe place we're in is being auctioned and we're working on buying a new place with family. It's not in the bag yet, but our real estate agent seems pretty confident about it!
  2. @heavyboots haha, yeah it's got some silver linings but also a pretty dark cloud! We're optimistic about the house situation working out but it's not 100% certainty right now. Supposed to open escrow today, which I'm just starting to wrap my head around with the help of the great agent we have. This is all brand new shit for me, my dad, most my entire family who have all rented for generations like I said, but if it all works out, it will be a great development for the Minobot family(s).
  3. So bad news is, GR, the minibots and I are going to be kicked out of our house. Good news is, we're not quite yet homeless (again). Docu-signing miles of legalese all morning, just smashing that 'place electronic signature here' button like a 13 year old in a Steve Bannon-puppeted crypto-fash Fortnite stream smashing like and subscribe and 'buy lootbox' buttons. Or alternatively, like some kind of mortgage-acquiring xillennial(?) mofo while waiting for our current house to be auctioned off. This bucket of termites, murderous fireants and decades of neglect;
  4. Yep fuck Jeff $150,000,000,000 Bezos. Great job he did killing Seattle, and doing God's work in Vancouver too, I hear. Velvet Buzzsaw - like an updated Art School Confidential (of which I'm a big fan), also featuring John Malkovich. It's in the vein of subversive horror like Evil Dead or Get Out but for the modern international billionaire money laundering business fine art world.
  5. Zooming in on more of that cyberpunk city street. Working on flying cars, holographics, and trying to hone my volumetric lighting painting techniques for Neofeud 2.
  6. Literal Coffin Apartments for the 99% and Palaces for Trillionaires! Latest art and animation I'm working on for my cyberpunk adventure Neofeud 2 Site: https://silverspook.itch.io/neofeud2 Neofeud 1: https://silverspook.itch.io/neofeud
  7. This song is gold! Look at that album cover XD From the vaporwave "I Feel Coke" mix
  8. https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-07798-9?utm_source=twt_nnc&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=naturenews&sf206968076=1 Replicator 3D prints transparent objects near-instantly.
  9. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-alibaba-hotels-robots/at-alibabas-futuristic-hotel-robots-deliver-towels-and-mix-cocktails-idUSKCN1PG21W China rolls out robotic hotel staff.
  10. Thanks DB, and yeah, keep up the good work Edit. I started my company as a startup in the same circle on Oahu as that dude I think! Might've seen him at the coworking spaces and tech meetups I used to go to.
  11. Broken metacarpals or ultracarpals or whatever are getting better in the wrist, thankfully. Had the birthday today (thanks for the well wishes), where GR and the minibots all took a staycay to the lava-cliffs (cold lava) down at the end of our street. They flopped around in the tide pools and played with the reef fishes, urchins, and other families chilling out there, as you do on the Big Island on the 3 day weekend. Gov shutdown is proving to be a real hazard for some friends who work in the public sector, one of them is having to ration out their insulin and actually turned the p
  12. Broke my hand recently pickaxing into lava to plant a field of Hawaiian land taro (what they make poi and lau lau from). One hand typing and mousing sucks, but at least we'll have food when the gov shutdown bullshit halts the canned good shipments out here. This elevates the difficulty level of internetting and gamedev to "expert", but also increases appreciation for the use of one's appendages. Got a comfrey poultice wrap around, thanks again, garden.
  13. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch was like playing an early 80's British prestige-cinema director's rendition of a point-and-click adventure game, produced with Twine, and 2018 Netflix-grade production value. (Also makes my favorite point that corporate game production makes for shitty games outside of e-sports action bullshit, compared to small indie teams.)
  14. Very cool! Nice performance there. Man i miss going to open mics and playing shows and stuff sometimes! Neofeud is super cheap right now, tell all your cyberpunk special someones who may be interested in it https://store.steampowered.com/app/673850/Neofeud/
  15. Movie of the year right here. Also, Upgrade had some interesting ideas. Along the scale and similar creative energy to Hotel Artemis. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6499752/
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