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  1. It's kinda fucked up (because my job, and most other jobs, get threatened the further the line drops), but I sorta get excited when the DJIA line drops. Combo of "car wreck" meets "Trump get blamed" (It's not necesarily even fair to pin the rises and falls on any particular POTUTS, but... I'll take it in this case! lol) #stonks
  2. SO Assuming my new company does keep me on, that fulfills my bigass objective of "move out of parents'" But WTF do I do with my life *now*? I mean, I'm happy to keep grinding away for more money, but...
  3. We're playing musical cars every day at the house I'm renting, so having an extra foot or two off the car length with a little Fiat just feels so damn appealing! I really would just go with getting my housemate's Camry, but he's not sure if he's selling it yet. I won't need it until May at the earliest, maybe even further if they keep us working from home ๐Ÿ˜ฎ "Since you are not a gearhead, it will give you a little peace of mind that itโ€™s in good shape maybe?" Definitely not a gearhead. I probably could be if I had the time or inclination, but they pay me
  4. kinda want them both to lose: https://www.vox.com/2020/3/9/21171406/coronavirus-saudi-arabia-russia-oil-war-explained
  5. Chinese ambassadors on twitter spreading the "COVID-19 is a US bioweapon" meme. Stay classy!
  6. hey, if anyone nearby ( @InfinityCircuit @heavyboots @db @s.smigiel etc ) has, or knows of, a used car that's being sold, feel free to hit me up. Basically, used car shopping seems hella fraught: just a step down from the trope of "big drug deal with a suitcase of blow exchanged for suitcase of 100s", lol. (So, yeah, if you or a friend, have a car being sold, that makes it a lot less fraught, lol) One of my housemates *might* be selling his 90s Camry, too, but I'm not sure yet. (Obviously he'd be an ideal seller )
  7. Working an office job in Phoenix, AZ area now. They're probably gonna convert me to permanent in late April. At which point (assuming COVID-19 has subsided, and we've gone back to working at the office), I'll need a car. Almost certainly used. I'm actually well-off enough at this point I *could* get a cheap new car, even, but I want to nuke some of my student loans first before going crazy. House I'm renting at has limited car space because all the other housemates already have cars. I *really* wanna get a Fiat 500, but everyone tells me t
  8. social distancing pro right here, tho
  9. Phlegmy cough, but otherwise okay
  10. temperature reading of 100.1 F just now. What do y'all think?
  11. Myself, I'm in Phoenix, and also my housemates already have two cats and a dog (so it'd be difficult to adopt a new critter). If/when I get a place where I can have pets, I'll just let any of my online or meatspace friends know, if you need a human to adopt if you leave pets behind, I am happy to take them in โค๏ธ
  12. WGBer Doggo (in Chicago) is concerned about his cat if he dies. AFAIK, he is not infected, but still concerned.
  13. That could mean over 1M deaths, of course, which sounds wild ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Working from home for the extent of the crisis ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Family is in Everett. They're doing okay, for now
  14. Yeah, saving money, and avoiding physical contact. I'm basically gonna be working from home for the duration of this. (Months?)
  15. RIP basically any NA spectator sport for this season ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  16. honestly, at this rate, probably *not* gonna go to the game I'll keep an eye on the site, anyway, I guess
  17. Oh! I just re read your post. You'll be there the weekend, too! (Somehow I thought you'd just be there for the game)
  18. Lol I have no idea how this works (I rarely get out...)
  19. Minxilla in the front (left hand) row. Blue seats require 2+ purchases at a time. I think red seats let you buy solitary tickets.
  20. Oh, damn, the only seats that are near you won't let me buy single tickets, lol. Because they are trying to two unnocupied seats, surrounded by occupied seats, for pairs of tickets. Lol, @InfinityCircuit idk if you're into hockey, or even into it enough to trek up to Phoenix on a work night, but if you were, I'd be happy to buy a seat on Ticketmaster, and have you pay me back. (They're about $70 or so in this area) I do get Sierra Vista to PHX is a bit of a journey. If I don't end up going to this game, idk what minx/pk's plans are, but I'd be delighted to j
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