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  1. shit got derailed due to COVID-19 they won't actually give me the decision until the week of April 27th annoying as hell (annoyed at the fact of the pandemic, not them, to be clear, lol)
  2. Can't remember if I've mentioned this, but they said I'll know--one way or the other--by April 16th
  3. No word, yet, on whether I'm in. (The deadline for them informing me is April 16th) The good(?) thing is, the closer to the deadline it is before I get "hire/no-hire" news, the more likely it is that it will be a "hire" decision. I think this because, if they make a hire offer, there is more involved stuff (filling out all the paperwork, getting my offer package organized, etc). As opposed to them just saying "Thanks, goodbye", which (I'm pretty damn sure) is simpler (and thus would come sooner).
  4. I know I like to make fun of AZ, but I do like not having the clock switch here, haha to add confusion to it all, the Navajo Nation, within AZ, *does* observe DST, so that there is a portion of AZ, out of sync with "AZ time", but in-sync with the rest of Mountain Time
  5. How *do* programmers do it with, IDK, pacemaker firmware, or ATC software, or the SCADA for a hydroelectric dam? Guhhh!
  6. If I get hired on perm, probably buying my mechanic housemate's 90-something Camry for $2000.
  7. the other thing is part of it is, I think, just out of my hands: like, the "business need" of the company In the sense that you could be the best coder in the world, but you'd probably have a tough time getting hired as, IDK, a butcher. Not *that* damn misaligned here, but I mean just, like, the company might not be in such a hiring mood, simply because of (say) COVID-19 so, yeah, I *do* get me not getting hired is not always necessarily a reflection on me I should know by the middle of next week, either way!
  8. Oh, man. Yeah, I actually hear that a lot (that, like, 90% of any job is stupidly showing up). I still feel incompetent. But, if they decide I'm competent enough to hire, I guess I could get over that. I'd still be wary of using any "mission critical" software I wrote if my life depended on it! 😮 (Like. Please don't ask me to code, IDK, pacemaker firmware 😮 )
  9. Doing alright, still, I guess, just growing more and more pessimistic they won't convert me in May.
  10. I just don't know if I can hack it. I feel like every time I try to code something non-trivial, it inevitably turns out a fucking sloppy mess. The company will let me know within a week or two if they want me to stay on. I feel incompetent as hell, either way.
  11. like how Pat Buchanan was on the side of the rioters in Seattle 1999.
  12. "neoliberal" seems to be leftist jargon for "globalist"
  13. housemate has on these miniseries based off of "novel of manners" (stuff like Jane Austen), and TBH it's make me hate upper-class English people more than, IDK, reading about the entire history of Ireland could.
  14. Haven't gone more than about 25 meters from my house for a week, but I can work from home FWIW. Groceries via Amazon.
  15. It's every steak I've ever had, though! Not just this one!
  16. Disappointed by steak, yet again. Most overrated meat there is. Because who doesn't love gnawing on gristle? Just give me a leather shoe with some A1 sauce while you're at it.
  17. tired: sacrificing children to Moloch wired: sacrificing seniors to Mammon or something
  18. I'm not happy that I am getting <5 hours sleep/night.
  19. No! I mean, I want to! I'm not sure why I am getting so little.
  20. In the last 3 months, I'm averaging less than five hours of sleep / 24 hours, says Fitbit.
  21. It all feels like I'm rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic some days. But it's me filling time until I die, and the universe heat deaths.
  22. re: hobbies Yeah, I do do stuff like TTRPGs (doing one--online on Roll20!--soon!). But, IDK...
  23. I miss Seattle (the climate, the landscape, etc) so much.
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