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  1. the original woodcut's "8 hours for rest" panel is so charming to me


    The mouse!

    The open window! (I guess it's hot out)

    The sleeper's exposed feet (ditto, being hot out?)


    The History of May Day - International Workers' Day and the ...

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  2. If this company in the Phoenix metro area doesn't hire me, I'm probably gonna hang out here for another month, and job hunt for both PHX and SEA.


    If nothing comes of that, either, back to parents' in Everett.


    So, anyway, if my internship does *not* get extended, any of y'all feel free to forward me job stuff re: Seattle and/or Arizona.


    Umm... I do get that Mesa to Tuscon would be a helluva commute (and the two or Arizonans here are that direction), so... erhmm.. I guess not much way you could help me there. Nevertheless, if you hear about anything in May. *shrug*

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