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  1. Decided I'll move out of my parents' house, again, to Olympia. To wrap up my college degree.
  2. from: https://pbfcomics.com/comics/sir-leopold/
  3. Holding back tears as I stock the cat food aisle for no good reason other than I really love cats, and I have no good ways of articulating/expressing my emotions, so that I end up like a Yellowstone caldera of feelings.
  4. What's the longest y'all have gone without having sex? I turn 35 next month. Still a virgin. I'm honestly not really ashamed by it: I get that I am pretty weird/have a pretty strange lifestyle. That said, yes, I'd rather have more sex in my life.
  5. obligatory "This is the future liberals want"
  6. Oh, hey, I know that org! (Editengine's )
  7. Psychophant, I'm just getting a error icon. (A "do not enter" icon, specifically)
  8. not to be hyperbolic or nothin', but 8 is a typical day for me?
  9. it's that time of the year, folks
  10. pretty sure the number of formerly good friends I've somehow managed to seriously alienate far outnumbers the count of present close friends I have
  11. not, housemate's at the place I'm about to move out of
  12. he'd be a Millennial
  13. (from the "Cats with Powerful Auras" Facebook page):
  14. Florian Schneider of Kraftwerk https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-52564281
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