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  1. Fuckit. I'm doing "Eclipse Phase". Here's my wiki with the elevator pitch: https://boomzilla.io/wiki/index.php/Main_Page It can be a kinda weird/hard-to-wrap-your-mind-around setting in some ways, but I love it. I'm mostly hitting up friends on Facebook, but @s.smigiel (or anyone else interested), feel free to hit me up here, or wherever else on the net
  2. Did the 2nd series of rallies in the base-level historic with the old Mini Cooper again. Got 9th/30 overall this time! (AI at 70%).
  3. I'm actually able to keep the headset on for over an hour, and still feel fine (I guess a lot of people get vertigo from VRs ) You've tried VR, correct? For DIRT in particular? IIRC you were saying something about being less affected from VR vertigo due to your eye(s) EDIT: I just remembered the random, little touch of, as I was doing one of the stages in the old Mini Cooper, I passed a competitor on the side of the road. I *assume* what happened was the AI that driving the car in the slot before me crashed, and the game faithfully reflected this, just as you'd see on
  4. One of my brothers has a VR setup, so I got DIRT Rally 2.0. Oh, wow, it's amazing. Completed a series of stages in an old Mini Cooper. Got 28th of 30th (only beat the two AIs who had car damage) at "70%" AI difficulty. Gotta git gud, still Oh, damn, it takes so much concentration/focus, too, because paying attention to the co-driver pace notes. CC: @heavyboots
  5. almost certain I've posted this before, but """ the Seattle Aquarium can't tell whether this giant Pacific octopus is a boy or a girl. If Buster is a boy, he'll have a special tentacle (the third to the right, going clockwise, from the front of its mantle) that is both an arm and a dick. And, since the suction cups on octopuses* also function as taste buds, his special tentacle will be an arm and a dick and a tongue—making all octopus sex fisting and intercourse and cunnilingus, simultaneously. """ https://www.thestranger.com/seattle/sexy-beast/Content?oid=21
  6. I legit thought the Kraken was an ancient Greek thing, but it's Scandinavian. I think I was confusing that with Scylla and Charybdis from the Odyssey. Also, I know various Sword and Sandals Hollywood takes on old Greek stuff definitely *have* inserted Krakens into Greek legends.
  7. ^^^I wonder how they will resolve the potential "mascot space" conflict with Al the Octopus there
  8. Seattle's getting a cephalopod-themed NHL team FWIW, Detroit has us beat by many decades in terms of "tentacles on ice"
  9. Found a mother cat with four kittens under the porch. Ended up trapping them, keeping them in my room for a day, and getting them to a lady who does TNR. They'll either end up with friends of hers, or in shelters. Hoping the little fuzzballs get great homes. I kinda miss the babies already. The mother cat is super-sweet, too, and TBH I am half-assedly thinking of adopting her. (I'm away from my home in Everett, in Olympia, now, so away from Smokey)
  10. Ugh. Sorry, I probably shouldn't commit to anything, yet, while I'm still a temp (I *was* hoping I'd get teh Facebook job, in which case my schedule would be more consistent)
  11. I didn't get hired.
  12. I can't remember if I even mentioned this here, but I got cold-called by a recruiter for Facebook. Anyway, had a series of interviews--some good, some bad--and am anxiously awaiting news from them. It'd be remote, so I'd be able to live in Oly, still (Oly to Seattle or Redmond would be a helluva commute)
  13. (this would be online, to be clear, haha)
  14. ANy of y'all WGBers have any interets in TTRPGs (D&D and Pathfinder are the most well-known, but I'm more interested in others)? I'm thinking of trying my hand at GMing. IDK. (TBH I flake out a lot, but, if there were legit interest, I would try to make sure I can commit). I'm near Seattle, so probably, like, weekend evenings, Pacific Time, would be when I'd run?
  15. had a series of video interviews with FB I did... okay but not great? I shall see this coming week
  16. I got cold called (erm... cold emailed?) by a recruiter from Facebook. Dang. Did a prelim phone screen, and he seemed to like me. Uhhh... This would pay a lot of money, too 😮 well, "a lot of money" by my standards, actually a bit below average for a tech thing 😮
  17. (IDK how many of y'all reading this are familiar with engine layouts, but basically a lot of front-wheel-drives turn the engine "sideways", so half the cylinders are at the front of the engine bay (and easy to reach!), but the other half... are way fucking buried)
  18. MEANWHILE my brother and I changed a spark plug on our 1999 Buick. Buick with a transverse V engine. It was one of the spark plugs between the engine and the firewall. Hoooo boy, I sure do love transverse engines, now after like a half-dozen worker-hours of performing lathroscopic surgery to get that one damn spark plug out
  19. My parents are basically giving me one of their cars to use when I move out in the upcoming weeks. I realize a 55K mileage, 2007 Kia Spectra isn't quite a new BMW for your 16th, but I still do appreciate the fact I get any car, at all, gratis, is a sign of privilege. It's an incredibly normie-looking car (which I don't mind). I keep, like, going up to other small, grey sedans in grocery store parking lots, clicking my remote.
  20. one of the feral rabbits that hang out in my yard got run over sorry to see you go, cute lil' garden destroyer
  21. It's Canadian 4th of July, folks #PrimeroDeJulio 🍁
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