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  1. I seem to have locked into rereading a lot of paranormal/fringe science books from my bookshelves for the last few months. Some, I hadn't read since childhood or early teens. It's my reading equivalent of comfort eating. Or at least it used to be. I found myself getting annoyed by how badly written some books were; the rest were just bad. As a world-wise, cynical sixty-year-old I found myself wondering how anyone could take some of them seriously but clearly when I was younger I took them seriously enough to spend money on. Brad Steiger's Flying Saucers Are Hostile is probably the worst of the
  2. I've just looked at the desktop app, clicked the Hamburger icon in the top left, then File | Preferences... | Notifications I believe that the "Send me email notifications..." option at the bottom is a subset of "When I'm not active on desktop..." settings, so if you're running the app, notifications will go through to the OS instead.
  3. Great idea! I'm currently releasing about an album a month (pay-what-you-want, which includes free) on Bandcamp: https://headfirstonly.bandcamp.com/ I stream on Twitch on Thursdays at 19:30 UTC and Sundays at 21:00 UTC, mainly talking about making music and playing what I've produced. I'm just five followers short of being granted "affiliate" status: https://www.twitch.tv/headfirstonly All my old shows are archived on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/headfirstonly There's some stuff of mine still up at Soundcloud b
  4. Ballistic Kiss by Richard Kadrey. Sandman Slim #11 and quite frankly if Mr K wants to keep writing these for the rest of his life I will keep buying them (sadly, he won't - this is the penultimate novel in the series). This time out, James Stark, the last of the Nephilim and LA resident has PTSD and depression (given what he's been through in the last ten books, that's not exactly a surprise to me) and is unexpectedly vulnerable. As a result he's a much more interesting character, and his "what's it all about then, eh?" ruminations are casting interesting light on where the series is going. Bu
  5. After we maxed out Twitter this afternoon so that I couildn't add more people to the conversation, I have set up a channel on Slack where we can hang out and share stuff like Zoom conversations privately. I've sent out emails to as many people as I have emails for, but if I've missed you and you want in, give me a holler.
  6. At least you have an incoming administration who aren't bumbling psycopaths who think that all they need to do to gloss over failings that are costing a thousand lives a *day* here at the moment is to muss up their hair and do their best Benny Hill impersonation. And at least you haven't just ignominiously crashed out of the largest free trade conglomeration in the Western Hemisphere. Here in the UK, things are looking bleak. The power's been flickering here tonight, which is unusual. I hope it's not a sign of things to come...
  7. I did get described as "The Bob Ross of prog metal" this summer, though, so there's that. Oh, and I'm on Twitch now, Sundays and Thursdays. Come say "hi!" in the chat! https://www.twitch.tv/headfirstonly
  8. I spent the summer (as I have done for the past eight years) taking part in the songwriting challenge known as Fifty/Ninety (the goal is to write 50 songs in the 90 days between July 4th and October 1st.) This year I ended up writing or collaborating on a total of sixty-five pieces of music, all of which can be listened to here: http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/user/headfirstonly I'm not sure if there's a viable album lurking in that lot. My process over the last few months seems to have predominantly been one of working through my anger at the current political situation at hom
  9. How Music Works by David Byrne. I've had this on my wishlist for forever and it was well past time I actually read the thing. It's a really enjoyable set of essays about various aspects of music, some of which I'd read in a more abbreviated form elsewhere (the one about how architecture shapes music first appeared on BoingBoing, IIRC.) Byrne has an interesting (and very well-informed) way of looking at things, and there are some striking insights about creativity and the business of art. The Blade Artist by Irvine Welsh. Even explaining the plot could be considered spoilery, so I
  10. Chris H

    Tour dates!

    A few photos from Bill's UK appearances, and the associated WGB gatherings:
  11. Chris H


    I put my review up on Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/3159786704
  12. Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou. A non-fiction account of the Theranos affair. This is a salutory and disturbing tale of what happens when grandiose self-belief loses all touch with reality and moves to Silicon Valley. The supporting cast includes Henry Kissinger and General James "Mad Dog" Mattis. The most insane true story I've read for many years. The litigation continues to this day... After Atlas by Emma Newman. A bleak, Earth-based follow-up to Emma's Planetfall, which I really enjoyed. This is very different, and I enjoyed it even mo
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