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  1. Ugh. Best to her. Fingers crossed she has a reasonable experience flying.
  2. Right after I saw this, I saw his poem, Inaugural, written for last week. I will keep him in mind!
  3. Hah! I find headphones essential most of the time, because his music, dog barking, etc. When we moved here, we got an inordinately large house so we could have his n hers offices and not go crazy being in the same space all the time, even though until March 2020 I spent a fair amount of time out of the house at meetings and events. Who knew that would end up being such a smart investment. 😷
  4. I'm getting notifications for new members joining, although it's pretty sporadic about it.
  5. Please post your things in here! I'll start: UXdB: https://soundcloud.com/uxdb bittersweet db: https://soundcloud.com/bittersweetdb and https://bittersweetdb.bandcamp.com/
  6. It's the privacy aspect that seems attractive about the slack, but I hope there will be a renaissance of this as well! Hi @Fashionpolice
  7. Get in touch if you want an invite.
  8. db


    WHAT?? How did you hear, GR? (And thanks for letting us know. I hope he didn't suffer much )
  9. Wait, Keanu talks to you?? Does it run on a Mac?
  10. db


    I think the board shrinks it to a reasonable size for you? I think it defaults to 600 px wide or so, so it doesn’t go insane on ppl
  11. db


    Oh would be pfee-tsa auf Deutsch, yeah? Much cuter in German.
  12. db


    Dreamt that there was a big old-school WGB meetup, I think it was San Francisco? but maybe not, there was a subway. There were all these old board Wigbers, many of whom were real people, but many of whom I think my imagination invented...or maybe were characters from WG books? I was having a hard time keeping everyone and their names and board handles straight. It was in maybe the 2000s, but felt even longer ago than that. Just another excuse for an anxiety dream, between remembering people's names and worrying I'd get on the wrong subway train.
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