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  2. The difference between 50-60% resistance and zero is huge, even if it would be much better to be at 80-90%, not to mention the reduction in mortality. And for me, it clearly separates you from those that do not wish to get it, and the unlucky ones that do not have much hope of getting it any soon. Or are too young to really benefit from it.
  3. Been double-jab vaccinated for a couple months at this point. It's weird but life is definitely getting back to "normal" here. Eight hours days back at the office commence tomorrow. Some restaurants now have servers wandering around without face masks, concert and movie places starting to open back up. Personally I am still avoiding eating indoors and not really down to see an indoor concert or movie any time soon either (5% chance of getting a flu-like version of COVID is still 5% higher than I really want), but I do feel pretty safe just stepping into a supermarket or whatever fo
  4. I'm not sure I could one jab as being vaccinated, as likely another 2 months before I get my 2nd. Certainly not especially at point where I feel safe or keen to get back to working in office. Though certainly I have a certain level of privilege inherent in that.
  5. As getting one is a kind of compromise of getting the second (and soon, the third...) jab, I prefer to count it as vaccined. My wife got her second Pfizer yesterday. We decided to spread the risk, so we got different ones, which is why I got Moderna.
  6. Minxilla are both fully vaccinated. Thank fuck Biden won, so something about this pandemic is happening correctly.
  7. depends whether you count a one jab of a two jab vaccine as vaccinated. i've had one pfizer. brother and sister had one AZ. parents had two AZ. locally starting to get round to folk in mid to late 30s for 1st jab.
  8. I have a first dose and will get the second the 14th of June.
  9. Just a poll on how vaccination progresses among our population.
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  11. Lilly pointed out initially on Slack. But I had a few reminders as I've joined the Lolli mailing list. It was a good talk. I enjoyed the stuff about how the writing was inspired by art objects, the objects being so central to the book, then how in turn more objects were inspired by the writing. I didn't catch the artist's name though, I'll need to look that up. I also note I was checking out Mariana Enriquez's short story collection in the book shop the other day, it has quite the eye catching cover. So I've signed up for the talk with her at the same time next week. pa
  12. Thanks for pointing this out - I watched it and enjoyed it - I picked up an extra copy in an actual book shop and sent it to a friend in the US on Monday.
  13. I got the Employees direct from the publisher. Joys of indie publisher, not necessarily going to be stocked very well. Particularly during current events. Was in book shop for 1st time since like September, and they had some obvious stuff, but very little from my list of things I was looking for.
  14. 4 months later, with patch 1.21, I have finally finished Cyberpunk 2077, with small periods when I tried the patch of the day to see if they had solved my particular crash. It is infuriating, because you can see the tons of work, the potential, the sparks of glory, and it is surrounded by unbreakable railroads, countless bugs and performance problems, and missing opportunities that were well established in other games ten years ago. It is the excellent writing in some side missions and the great atmosphere you get at times what makes it worse when it fails. I tried all
  15. I have ben trying, without success, getting The employees in English. And apparently no problems getting it in French. Any comments on the quality of the translation, and if one of the French speakers has read it in French, what is their opinion? As the original is in Danish, I need a translated one anyway, and Spanish is not an option right now. If it gets the booker price I suppose it will be translated in Spanish, but I prefer not to wait. As reading, mainly Spanish literature. Julian Marias connected novels Berta Isla and Tomas Nevinson. The stress of secrets, and w
  16. Strange Beasts of China by Yan Ge from my Tilted Axis subscription 2020, small press specialising particularly in Asian works we'd likely not see otherwise. I really enjoy books like this, not novels in the traditional sense, but somewhere between short story and collection of anecdotes with little magical/odd elements mixed in. The city of Yong'an is full of beasts and each chapter combines a definition of the beast, the author's encounter with the beast, and elements of the story she writes for the newspaper. In some ways reminds of Calvino's Invisible Cities except with Beasts and Kawakami'
  17. https://www.edbookfest.co.uk/the-festival/whats-on/olga-ravn-martin-aitken-with-heather-parry And online conversation with Olga abd translator through Edinburgh Book Festival, next week.
  18. "The Employees" has now been short-listed for The Booker Prize https://www.theguardian.com/books/2021/apr/22/international-booker-prize-shortlist-led-by-books-pushing-the-boundaries-of-fiction
  19. Glad you found it interesting, remote. 🙂
  20. Reading a lot of novels in April, so far, less shorts than in some months. Bitterhall - Helen McClory - Contemporary novel by Edinburgh novelist, I don't think it expressly says that it is set in Edinburgh, but I assume it is and recognise some of the locations. Daniel is attracted to his new flatmate Tom, but quickly forms an intense friendship with Tom's girlfriend Orla. Daniel is obsessed with a historic diary, that he has stolen from a friend, but when Tom reads the diary something in it changes him, haunts him. The bulk of the novel is told by Daniel and Orla, their side of ev
  21. Gamechanger by L X Beckett — Excellent example of solarpunk / cli-fi sort of in the same category as Karl Schroeder's Stealing Worlds. The premise is we have a society where we've managed to tame the threats of kleptocracy and toxic social media with app assistants running our lives, monitoring our health and encouraging everyone to be positive and pitch into the still monumental task of saving the world from death by global warming and a crashed biosphere. You can stroke or strike anyone and the higher your social "karma" the less ads and interference you get from the digital sphere. Be too
  22. Uh... Cheers, Patrick.
  23. The Art Deco Mad Scientists. [Noir's been posting about `Metropolis', btw.] Cheers, Patrick.
  24. I seem to have locked into rereading a lot of paranormal/fringe science books from my bookshelves for the last few months. Some, I hadn't read since childhood or early teens. It's my reading equivalent of comfort eating. Or at least it used to be. I found myself getting annoyed by how badly written some books were; the rest were just bad. As a world-wise, cynical sixty-year-old I found myself wondering how anyone could take some of them seriously but clearly when I was younger I took them seriously enough to spend money on. Brad Steiger's Flying Saucers Are Hostile is probably the worst of the
  25. I have "The Ten Loves of Mr. Nishino" part read after you had mentioned it previously, but it doesn't work got me as well as Strange Weather/Thrift Store, it feels too much like shorts. I will go back and read. Though, "People From My Neighbourhood" worked better than Nishino, and it is also more fragmented. Spent Friday reading the latest Becky Chambers, "The Galaxy, and the Ground Within". The suggestion is that this is the fourth and final volume of The Wayfarer series - which always struck me as unfortunate pitch, given the Wayfarer and her crew are only present in book 1 - tho
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