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Final version of Chief Executive President of the Illuminati, Shadow Emperor of the Transglobal Federation and Master of the Earth-Interplanetary Union (EIU), Xenophile.       You

Thank you- i really need to start doing these with wood or metal- maybe working with a thicker cardboard and metal tape- a fish- finished with copic and glue-  

some gifts i made for my friends at the coffee shop-

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I spent the summer (as I have done for the past eight years) taking part in the songwriting challenge known as Fifty/Ninety (the goal is to write 50 songs in the 90 days between July 4th and October 1st.) This year I ended up writing or collaborating on a total of sixty-five pieces of music, all of which can be listened to here:



I'm not sure if there's a viable album lurking in that lot. My process over the last few months seems to have predominantly been one of working through my anger at the current political situation at home and abroad and the seemingly complete absence of anybody behaving like a grown-up would. And the world really doesn't need another album from an old white guy taking that POV.

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