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What are you doing?  

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  1. 1. Since the pandemic started have you been...

    • Working outside the home like normal.
    • Working outside the home some of the time, at home some of the time.
    • Working from home like always.
    • Working at home due to the pandemic.
    • Wondering what is this work thing people talk about.

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Although I have voted " Working outside the home like normal", because I do go out daily for work, it has nothing to do with normal, as I used to travel 2 weeks per month, and I have not traveled for work since the 25th of February of 2020 (Hannover, Germany). Right now, no plans to travel till the autumn, at least. Using almost exclusively MS Teams with customers.


I have spent several days working from home, while we waited for my wife's COVID PCR test results (she has been tested 4 times). The only time I have been tested it was on a Friday afternoon and I got the results on Saturday, so it did not affect work.


All negative, so far.


I work in an essential industry, have a 15 m2 office (3 meters from the door to my chair), and we would have killed each other if we had both worked from home at the same time. From my car to my office and back, two short conversations with my neighbours from 2 meters away and occasional meetings with the managers / owners who still insist in mask to mask meetings. Ate in my office till May, when the Health authorities allowed the company canteen to reopen. We have fixed times and seats, so I interact with very few people who is not through a screen or phone. 

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The team I'm in was already working remotely because it has members based in different countries, so nothing much had changed for me. I went from going to Brussels at most 2 days a week to not at all. While the train was a good time to catch up with some coworkers from the job prior to this one, we have recently switched to doing occasional "train rides" over Teams. 

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I'm a digital production editor, so WFH has mostly been an easy transition. The hardest part has been my partner also working from home. She haaaates it, and the problems she has focussing because of it also causes issues for me. Good to be able to listen to music without headphones now, anyway.

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Hah! I find headphones essential most of the time, because his music, dog barking, etc.


When we moved here, we got an inordinately large house so we could have his n hers offices and not go crazy being in the same space all the time, even though until March 2020 I spent a fair amount of time out of the house at meetings and events. Who knew that would end up being such a smart investment. 😷

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