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Anyway. I had interview at the place. I think it went well. I dunno. We shall see.

Picked up a 6-month contract in Redmond. Okay, but not great. $15/hr, full time. It's a livin'

Got the job in Phoenix (with one of the Big Four accounting/auditing firms) I'd mentioned! 3 month paid internship at this point, but it is the goal of both them and me to turn this into a perm positi

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I got cold called (erm... cold emailed?) by a recruiter from Facebook. Dang. Did a prelim phone screen, and he seemed to like me. Uhhh... 


This would pay a lot of money, too 😮


well, "a lot of money" by my standards, actually a bit below average for a tech thing 😮 

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Work is completely restructuring because we were quite hard hit by the coronavirus. Other INGO's have actually grown off of this, but not us. It didn't help that we were already in not-so-great a spot already... Not sure if my role will survive the next few months. So that's fun...

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Been back to work for a month and a half now.
Still kicking.

I am really wary of late August/early October, as the second wave of the virus cresting ought to coincide with the Trump admin cancelling our 2020 federal elections... Yeah, hilarity will ensue.

I don't see business staying open more than a couple months from now, then the death and rioting will start in earnest.

There ain't a chance in hell president Fucktard is going to allow an election when he has a tailor-made disaster staring him in the face daring him to cancel them.


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There is a vacuum in Nordstrom corporate management that I might be called upon to fill if I ain't careful. So many people retired early, got laid off, quit.... My current manager reports directly to a family member. I really don't want to leave my niche, but there is an infrastructure to rebuild. Friggin' crazy times.


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