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Crocheted octopoid invasion

This thread is still here. Yay   Taken while rather drunk in Bruges post-wanderu wedding    


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I legit thought the Kraken was an ancient Greek thing, but it's Scandinavian. I think I was confusing that with Scylla and Charybdis from the Odyssey.


Also, I know various Sword and Sandals Hollywood takes on old Greek stuff definitely *have* inserted Krakens into Greek legends.



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almost certain I've posted this before, but 



the Seattle Aquarium can't tell whether this giant Pacific octopus is a boy or a girl. If Buster is a boy, he'll have a special tentacle (the third to the right, going clockwise, from the front of its mantle) that is both an arm and a dick. And, since the suction cups on octopuses* also function as taste buds, his special tentacle will be an arm and a dick and a tongue—making all octopus sex fisting and intercourse and cunnilingus, simultaneously.





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