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US Elections

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Although the effect is felt worldwide, this is a mostly spectator sport to me. This year It appears momentous, but as it gets closer, I cannot help but think that the US balances have worked relatively well, and that Trump has done mostly what Cruz, just to put an example, would have done, except for the huge amount of noise Trump himself generates. McConnell is more to blame about the good and the bad things that happen than the nominal president, which I see more and more as a willing scapegoat for all the crazy things the Republicans want to do.


So at least the Republicans have their escape clause ready, so it is not their fault, it was that loose cannnon Trump, while the Democrats have gone for the oldest, less risky candidate ever. So looking from outside, despite the difference in the polls, it seems the Democrats can do little to improve their odds, that all will depend on what the Republicans and the jester-turned-king do in the next 4 weeks. So, what will happen? Is everything in the ten key states that will decide the election, or this time there may be surprises? 

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The number of dirty tricks the Republicans are pulling this year really exemplifies how screwed up the process is and how desperately they are thrashing around to try and keep power with an ever-shrinking base to me. I am doing my part in one of those key states. Pretty sure we may actually flip AZ blue this time.


Next move is to try and get everyone on board with ranked voting and anti-gerrymandering clauses assuming the Dems win big enough.

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As I said, as there is practically nothing I can do to affect the results, I prefer to watch it as a disaster movie. Not that we do not have our own disasters close at home, but this will affect the whole world. It is a bit frustrating when almost all the US people I know vote Democrat, even if they dislike the Democrats, and you realize that there is 40-45% people who think in a totally different way. 


I had written all, but then I realised that I have a couple of business acquaintances that vote Republican. A third generation Filipino that is our agent in the USA, that has three kids in University and needs a 100k paycheck from our agency over the 100k salary he is getting from his main job. We only talk business, as his viewpoint is totally alien. But I have seen it also with some immigrants here. Getting a money safety net rather than a people safety net.


But what it still surprises me how many people blame Trump when actually he is just the distraction, and the risk comes from the GOP establishment. I have the feeling that their aim is to keep the senate, and they know Trump will not win. But all the provocations are to radicalize the opposition, and motivate their own bases. I hope so, at least.



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