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Flotation Device - Charity Anthology

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So, I think everyone I know is finding currents events stressful/difficult. I know my brain has been pudding and it has been a struggle.

With that, the writing group I am part of, the Glasgow SF Writer's Circle, has decided to put together an anthology for charity.

We put it together in a week, one of my friends drove the whole process through, collecting, editing, putting website together, all that.

Collection contains 20 stories, most of which are available for the first time, all money goes to charity.

If anyone was interested we'd appreciate your support. Promoting and spreading the word is a big help.



Table of Contents:

“Threnody” – Hal Duncan

“Of Gods and Monsters” – Cameron Johnston

“Rare As A Harpy’s Tear” – Neil Williamson

“The Anniversary” – Ruth EJ Booth

“A Suitable Offering” – Shona Kinsella

“Where I Went On My Holidays” – Ian Hunter

“Some of the Great Old Ones are on the Pitch” – Brian M. Milton

“Amaranth” – Heather Valentine

“Sugar Coated” – Don Redwood

“Ancient History” – Elaine Gallagher

“Chat” – Stephen Cashmore

“Filmland” – Stewart Horn

“A Cold Day in Hell” – CJ Brian

“The Map or A Pocketful of Dog’s Teeth” – Elsie WK Donald

“Nelson’s Blood” – Richard Mosses

“All the Way to the Dead Dog Party” – E.M. Faulds

“The Sea Calls Its Own” – Christopher Napier

“The Snow Baby” – Jenni Coutts

“The Worms Of Talav” – T. H. Dray

“When Yer A Shark” – Peter Morrison

Original cover art by Jenni Coutts


I know all of the authors, and most of them are good people ;)


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