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Novel Coronavirus

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Working normally (I have a big office, 14 sq. m, roughly 150 sq. ft. ) as I am 3 meters away from the door. I am mostly alone in my floor, and my wife, who is working from home, takes the good table. Minimum human contact that is not through a screen, however.


Our region has not been heavily hit, compared to the bigger cities, and my parents who are both high risk are still well.


I got a serological test last week (work related, as we are an essential industry and have been working at high intensity the whole lockdown) and I am negative, so the caution has paid off, but I may yet get it in the coming rounds. So I got a haircut yesterday, a luxury these days. 


Got a lot of PPE from our agents in Asia, as it was almost impossible to find in Europe. Except from the bare minimum for truck drivers and exposed personnel we donated all of it to the local hospitals. It felt strange getting from Indonesia a box with 1000 FPP2 masks when the nurses were recycling theirs for weeks. Dislocation of expectations. 

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