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Working normally (I have a big office, 14 sq. m, roughly 150 sq. ft. ) as I am 3 meters away from the door. I am mostly alone in my floor, and my wife, who is working from home, takes the good table. Minimum human contact that is not through a screen, however.


Our region has not been heavily hit, compared to the bigger cities, and my parents who are both high risk are still well.


I got a serological test last week (work related, as we are an essential industry and have been working at high intensity the whole lockdown) and I am negative, so the caution has paid off, but I may yet get it in the coming rounds. So I got a haircut yesterday, a luxury these days. 


Got a lot of PPE from our agents in Asia, as it was almost impossible to find in Europe. Except from the bare minimum for truck drivers and exposed personnel we donated all of it to the local hospitals. It felt strange getting from Indonesia a box with 1000 FPP2 masks when the nurses were recycling theirs for weeks. Dislocation of expectations. 

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I was in our flagship store today. Just me. Weirdest feeling ever. just wandering all alone through an empty Nordstrom.... Feels quite apocalyptic. 

I am literally driving merch and equipment to photographers houses in order to get the shots.    Wack.

Meanwhile… genius coworker was out for a couple days and arrived back at work today, working as normal. Someone happened to glance at his FB page and discovered he'd posted something about "I had the

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Fucking Ducey really is out to kill us. We posted 2400 new cases in AZ yesterday and he won't take a meeting with the Tucson mayor (or apparently any female democrat in power, for that matter) where she requests to make masks mandatory in Tucson. Our state is being run by a petulant child at this point, much like our country, and he is personally responsible through his inaction for the deaths of many more Arizonans than needed—both for lifting quarantine too soon and for refusing to put us back in quarantine again now it's obvious the infection rate is going exponential.

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It's pretty incredible, yes… my only hope is that the idiots who think this is a political issue rather than a scientific one will be dropping in larger numbers so they can't vote for more shenanigans like this in the future. 🙄


But anyway, Ducey actually finally allowed cities to mandate masks. My suspicion is it was only after a bunch of mayors must have privately accosted him with a "screw you, we're gonna do it anyway, try and stop us" memo. I seriously think he only allowed it because he would have looked like he lost control otherwise. Hell, our mayor announced she was going to do it regardless like 4 hours before he announced it was allowed.

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Been back to work for a couple weeks now. Mask is permanent, i've forgotten my face.

Only a few of us made it through the furlough, many were off-laid.
There is too much space here....
No one will escape. This fall will bring horrors like we've never seen.

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Glad you made it through Boog!


As for AZ, I do believe our Cheeto in Chief is about to holding a super-spreader rally here tonight… 🙄  It will be interesting to see if any of his supporters respect local city/county mask restrictions. 🤔

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