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On 7/8/2019 at 1:02 AM, Boogerhead said:

Holy Shit!


Sup, Lithos?


Not much. Good to be back...sorta. How many others never made it over?


On 7/8/2019 at 1:04 AM, Boogerhead said:

That anvil is goddamn quintessential.


It's a Peter Wright, made in England. Classic lump of steel.


The guy with the hammer is a smith who learned his trade, no shit, in the Derbyshire coal mines.

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I seem to monopolize this thread... Before USA, I was in Alsace...                

and back to the usual    

Obligatory cat photo. New country, new tree. by Marshdrifter, on Flickr

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this is a pic from around 30 years ago. Me and my friend Laura grew up together. We first met in church at around age 3, and were lifelong friends. In 1993 or 4, Laura moved to Illinois to go to college, and I moved to Seattle.

Laura died in 96 from "intestinal perforation".

I've never been able to find out how that happens. How does someone's intestines get perforated?

Anyway, I knew this girl for a long, long time, and miss her tremendously.


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5 hours ago, db said:

Sunset schmunset!



He’s just chilling in his cat tree by me while I watch old movies lol. 



This week we’ve been working on not shredding or biting my hands and arms to the point of bleeding like I just walked through a cactus lol. He’s actually doing really well at it—he picked up that it wasn’t cool anymore after I started saying “ow” and gently pushing him away within a couple hours. A few minor relapses because he desperately wants to chew on something since he’s such a kitten still. 

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