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well. i guess, we need to recreate a photography thread. and since i took some photos on way home i might as well test this out.

for posterity - the old board "1000 words" thread


stopped on the way home to try and capture this one single house in the middle of nowhere with the christmas lights blazing in the dark.

23788404516_a08e80a35d_k.jpgP1260143 by Mr. Push


too far/dark from safe stopping point. i've dug out my tripod, will try again, see if i can get a focused picture. the surroundings came out better than i expected though, given how dark it was.


23788430036_76978d0251_k.jpgP1260144 by Mr. Push


23187789273_643519bfb9_k.jpgP1260146 by Mr. Push


ok. fingers crossed this works as planned...

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Went on a mountain bike ride last night culminating at a place called the Metal Arts Village. Lots of little galleries anchored by a local brewery making craft beers. Some pretty interesting stuff at some of the places!



(Note the intricate cuts etched into the metal it's painted on!)









Merry XMas!



What does the fox say?


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