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for something completely different, here's Cory Booker with Zuck's dog




I get, like, both Zuck and Booker are the sort of (neo)liberal/normie managerial class or whatever, but, goddamn, tell me that photo isn't cute as hell. I cannot fathom this sort of photo, but with Trump.

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For the paradigm people out there, it was cute when it was north vs south, minus the war.  The west east coasts vs middle and south gave me east west rap battle recalls.  But city vs country co-relation takes the cake, throws the old communist problems hand signal.  Like there is a lot of opportunity being able to move between the country and city, like this was ever a secret.  Reminds me of the 70s.  But less hit men, more private investigator, which is considerably less merciful.  Can anyone do country cyberpunk?  When Gibson does country, it seems more GTA 5 to me, but maybe that’s wrong on me.

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10 hours ago, heavyboots said:

If you paste a photo into the text editor, it actually does just upload it and host it locally. If you don't want to do that, I recommend and imgur.com account. Free and what I used for hosting all the WGB Jersey stuff.

Yes, but I have to make it tiny.


Also, do you still have the Jersey stuff?

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