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33 minutes ago, Gromit said:

 How do I add an avatar?  Is it the same as a "cover photo"?


Hamburger, profile, to the right is an edit pencil and a photo graphic (that's for the cover photo), and to the left is a photo graphic (that's the one for the avatar pic)

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A note re: emoticons:


I added a buttload of emoticons, but they don't show up in the emoticon menu unless you click the "categories" button and then select "Default" because....I have no idea why. But anyway if you do that, you'll be able to scroll around and see the emoticon pile and on mouseover you can see the code that calls it up so you can just type it in next time if you prefer.







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OK, so for the templateers out there, if you want to insert an image resource, the URL has to be the stuff in the Tags column of your resources list to the right of the image. For example:


url('{resource="hvymedia/some_resource.png" app="forums" location="admin"}')


The squiggly braces format will survive the cache resets that happen when the software is upgraded, whereas if you just right-click the image and take the URL from that, it will be blown away whenever said upgrades occur.

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Just wondered; what are all the nameless members in the `Latest Registered Members' column?  Guests mistakenly counted as members?  Would-be spammers?  Some foggy-headed but persistent individual who keeps forgetting their password, and resorts to making a new account whenever they drop by?  Inquiring minds want to know.





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So, you may hate the new format as much as I do. That would be hard, but maybe you do :lol:


One thing I want to note is that they are deprecating the old BBCode, which means that people like me who type their emphasis and quotes and whatnot are going to be shit out of luck soon. I have set this to keep them for now, but they're knocking them off sometime soon.


RIP, bbcode :(

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