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There really should be a topic for this here. At this time, three episodes have been released. WG seems to dig it quite a lot, and most of the WGB are similarly enthusiastic despite several changes to characters/plot/etc.


Personally, really like the casting. Also like the Westworldy nature of it (exemplified, for me, by the heroic future London air scrubbers).

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Normally we wait until shows are finished before we start watching, so we don't have to wait each week, but so very many of our friends are watching weekly that we figured we'd better keep up :lol: I hate waiting! but it's nice to have the option to rewatch in the meantime, too, instead of rushing through the way we usually do.

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It's been a lot of fun looking at how they've changed it for TV purposes. De-Gibsonified it with a touch more of the old ultraviolence and that kind of thing.


I think it feels pretty Gibson-y still (and so does West World) and I've enjoyed the West World series as a sci-fi world that doesn't seem committed to maintaining a status quo so I'm hopeful for their take on Gibson being not crap (true so far).


Def prefer weekly release cycles vs the Netflix all-at-once style. Get to sit with them for a bit and maybe give 'em a rewatch.


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I did not like it as a whole, but it certainly has some bright details, and a quite good casting. I suppose inspired by would be more accurate. However for me they discarded most of the important messages I got from the novel, probably to avoid pushback in the USA:


- Decline of the US Empire within ten years.

- Unabashed victory of the kleptocrats in the future.


It is much more optimistic than the novel, at least if you think it through, although that is offset by the depressing twist of the season ending. 


If it did not link with WG I would have stopped watching in episode 5, with the introduction of Bob and the phony Cherise / Flynne fight.

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