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writing out things in my mind that have been bothering me


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I'm using a temporary email address from temp-mail.org because I don't want to come across what I've written here in 10 years. It's pretty useful, especially if you're playing Geoguessr or something and don't want to pay. Anyway, I'm here because I wanted to simply write anything that comes to my mind, similar to the stream of consciousness technique. Why? I'm a complete perfectionist and usually can't type out things without worrying too much about it. I have to rethink every single thing that would come out of my mind before writing and lose a lot of time doing that. This brought me to the turmoil I'm in right now. I have an enormous assignment to finish today and have made very little progress over the last week because of this issue called perfectionism. Even now I'm rereading this text and checking a dictionary and thesaurus to write what I should know. I'm trying not to. I guess Reddit would've been much better for something like this, but I wanted to be quick and just blurt this lump out. I'm here in hopes that this will give me some momentum with the writing process. I'll be pulling an all-nighter and even then I might not be able to make it. If you read all the way through, thank you, I guess, and wish me luck. Have a great day. 


Edit: I have just realized that nobody has posted anything in here during the last year and I have no idea what I'm doing here and how to delete a post. Anyways, I already talked about my goal so I guess this will just stay here and I'll never return. 

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The fact that nobody writes does not mean nobody reads. I suppose you will never read this either, but I have to say it was nice to have someone posting in 2022. Even if it is just as part of learning to care a bit less about the form, and hopefully more about the content. 

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I like it when the things still exists.

Cue our illustrious namesakes observation about Atlantis sinking beneath the waves. Same for forums and blogs. Sad to see them go.

Conversely I find great (small) pleasure in finding people abandoned blogs. Lots of reasonable posts from 2008-20011 or something and then peters out. Fun to do that sort of digital archeology.


That is to say: I like your standing message to the void. Just hanging out on the digital edge of the digital world a digital menhir observing.

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