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Preaching to the metal choir

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Whoopsie.  If you are ever concerned about screwing up Shinto and Japanese Buddhism in regards to photos of black flower funeral metal (Black Cat Metal), and reflect on this as it screws up, you might as well go right back to India through China, with kind words to the Dali Lama in passing.  Meaning... Part of you might want to post a "Cyber" "Squad" version of La Soldier.  Instead, this, to friends there:

 Deep Purple Knockin'

From North America despite translations, I spent a summer or winter break on a boat in the mid eighties in British Columbia around Comox, and when on look out for many hours, had this song running through my mind, as it was on the radio much.  It seems to strongly still be there, when many things have been forgotten.

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Not really sure whether this one counts as metal, but I just find it mesmerising. And find myself singing it, even though it's in Icelandic and I don't know the words. Great video too.  

You can't look tough, mean, angry, etc while fiddling with a keyboard or MIDI controller. It's impossible; you just wind up looking dumb.   Apart from that.... *throws wallet at screen*

Oh, and that's some next level drumming on that Algorithm track.   MDFMK is an acronym for the German phrase that translate to English as "I shouldn't have split up my last band"  

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