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Preaching to the metal choir


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This might be more rock choir than metal choir, but I went on a little bit of a modern prog sojourn.

Started with Haken but found them all a bit melodic and pretty. Proggy, but not much light and shade. Almost like Muse, but oddly even less edge...

Moved to local band Caligula's Horse, and I can definitely recommend them. I'll link something below.


Checked out Leprous, and they're great, quite experimental in spots. This is the band that moonlights as Ihsahn's road band, so you know they can play. 


It might be back to Shining (NO) for something a bit harder-edged... 


And, of course, recommendations gladly accepted. 


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Shining (NOR) took a really weird turn to poppy hair metal or something like that. I don't like it... but that doesn't change the awesomeness of Blackjazz. That record owns. I kinda see Igorrr (which I mentioned earlier in the thread) as similar to Shining's Blackjazz album. Just crazy stuff that should never work all thrown together into somehow something that sounds cohesive.


Yes on Leprous, and if you like that maybe give Solstafir a shot if you haven't already. Ulver's later work as well, although that's more electro prog than rock prog.

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