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  1. A place for movie and television show reviews, thoughts, and ruminations… [Posterity] The Expanse 1x04 was pretty good, if a little weak compared to the first three. I am liking them but must admit they don't seem to put the jumper cables to me quite like BSG managed to back in the day.
  2. Best Sci-fi movies so far- It's quite a list, and would make one hell of a movie night for a while at least- It’s impossible for us to choose a single favorite genre from the wealth that cinema offers. But if some sort of “Sophie’s Choice” situation were to occur, we probably would be able to point to one that occupies a more central place in our hearts: science fiction. The term encompasses multitudes: sci-fi runs the gamut from stark, philosophical inquiry to space western to brainless robot-go-bang-bang; it hybridizes beautifully with other genres like comedy, horror
  3. So I have kind of mixed feelings. There were things I really liked (his use of music, his narration) and things that I thought were unnecessary (the lead-up to and manner of death of Bruce Dern's son). The way Minnie, Judy, et al. behaved when we saw them seemed incredibly false to me. And Minnie didn't seem to have anything against the Mexican. I understand it was to be a point in contrast with the other part of the movie, but it was janglingly, distractingly false. I thought the Channing Tatum ex machina bit was well done. I still wish we'd ha
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