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  1. Picking up where this thread left off... Didn't happen to me, didn't happen today, but I heard about it just a few hours ago. I guess that counts. Almost posted this in `News' because at this point it's still empty. Went to the convenience store about halfway through my shift, and was told someone had been stabbed the night before, a couple blocks up the street. So he'd come in to buy some iodine for his wound, bled all over the place, and of course they had to call the police and an ambulance... And of course the police had to close down the store to gather evidence, get statements from the staff on duty, etc. It was now a crime scene. He wasn't critically injured, btw, but still, he did get stabbed. :-\ So the store sat closed, with boundary tape all over the place saying `POLICE LINE - DO NOT CROSS' -- and blood on the floor -- from around 5:00 AM 'til whenever the cops felt like letting them open again. Business kind of peaks between 5:30 and 8:30 there, btw, the before-work crowd. So the next night, people were probably relieved and pleasantly surprised to see Mz.Night at work, in one piece. I'd missed the whole thing, hadn't gone there the night before. But still, wow. Cheers, Patrick.
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