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  1. If you made it, post it here. Regarding the dialogue clip at the end... This might be a strange way to thank someone for being such a good friend to me [you know who you are], but I do mean it. Thank you. I'm not worthy. Cheers, Patrick.
  2. Thought I'd better start a `footage' thread, since this one isn't music [NSFW, btw]; [Sometimes *my* ego does get in the way, though.] Cheers, Patrick. PS: Hey, where'd everybody go? I seem to be the only one posting anything.
  3. Automatic embedding of YouTube videos is a feature of the site, but it is incredibly finicky about whether you'll get the video appearing or just seeing a URL. After an afternoon of scratching my head, the solution appears to be as follows: Copy the video's URL from the page it's on at YouTube to your clipboard. Open the editor, type anything you need to type, then hit right arrow to move the insert point to the end of your post In the editor for your post here, hit Enter so the cursor's on a new line. Paste the URL from the clipboard and immediately hit Enter. The Video should appear, embedded at 100%. If the insert point isn't at the end of your file, you'll just see the URL for the video, not the video itself. If there's any other text on the line where you insert the URL, you'll just see the URL for the video, not the video itself. There's no control over video size: it embeds at 100% of the message width. From the IPS community site, it looks like more control over embedding is planned at some point. I hope so!
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