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  1. Guess I should fill in the first bit with non-spoileriffic babble, so it won't show up in the Activity tab... Overall, this series really appeals to the Milton fan in me, and none more than this recent episode [titled `A Priest Walks into a Bar']. It addresses a lot of my doubts about Christianity, while at the same time one of its basic assumptions is that yeah, there is a God. So I kind of wonder what Christians would think of it, but I'm a little afraid to ask. Lucifer's anger at God over what happens to the priest reminds me of something Mz.Clean told me once, about something that happened to a family member. I won't say what, but she was justifiably pretty pissed-off about that, for a long time. Maybe she still is, sometimes, but has it pretty much under control now. So anyway, some idle speculation about upcoming episodes; I'm still willing to bet Det. Decker is his only vulnerability in this world -- that it only hurts when she slaps him, that bullets only make him bleed when she shoots him and so on, just as she's the only one who's immune to his devilish charm. So I still think the undead cop and Amenadiel [the angel who resurrected said cop] are in for a surprise, when he finally gets around to shooting Lucifer. ...Or maybe a near-death scare will give him further insight into the human condition. I mean, why not? It worked for Jesus, didn't it? And I still hope things *won't* go the classic [cliched] irritation > attraction > romance route with Lucifer and Chloe Decker. Luckily, it still doesn't seem to be going that way. Besides being the oldest trick in the book, as TV series go, it just doesn't work, imv. Their relationship seems built on mutual respect and personal boundaries -- boundaries which have *never* stood in this character's way before, I should add. So I think those boundaries should stay there. Cheers, Patrick.
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