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  1. well. i guess, we need to recreate a photography thread. and since i took some photos on way home i might as well test this out. for posterity - the old board "1000 words" thread stopped on the way home to try and capture this one single house in the middle of nowhere with the christmas lights blazing in the dark. P1260143 by Mr. Push too far/dark from safe stopping point. i've dug out my tripod, will try again, see if i can get a focused picture. the surroundings came out better than i expected though, given how dark it was. P1260144 by Mr. Push P1260146 by Mr. Push ok. fingers crossed this works as planned...
  2. So on the old board we had threads for a bunch of individual creative topics. I figured it might be a good idea to combine them into one and just have one place to talk about our creative efforts.
  3. I will profit to raise one of my favorite threads from the limbo. WGB Cooking School, a way to show off easy and not so easy cooking, and because I personally like food porn. As we had spent the summer holidays in Tuscany, for family meals this year I have been focusing on Italian. It all started the day before, as some dishes have to be made in advance. First a general view of the kitchen The most time consuming was the ragout for the lasagna, Bolognese style, as related by a friend from Reggio Emilia. The meat is 50% beef and 50% fresh pork belly. The fat is needed to get the right texture. I buy the meat and then mince it at home. 150 grams per person. While four spoons of olive oil heat up in a big but low pot, I chop the vegetables. Carrots, onion and celery. In this case I had no celery so I added a shallot instead. Start with the vegetables over a medium fire. You have to walk the line between confitting and frying. Once the onions start to get transparent, add a glass of wine and once the alcohol is gone, add the minced meat and stir strongly till it is well browned. Add four tablespoons of tomato puree. Then stew for three hours, adding wine if it dries up. While the ragout is cooking, time to start with the pannacotta. Get one gelatin sheet every 150 ml of cream, and put them on room temperature water to soak. After five minutes, get them out and reserve. Warm cream (not normal cooking cream but whipping cream, as you need the fat to get the right texture) in a pot. It is important that it never gets to a boil. Once it is warm, add fine sugar, 10 grams every 100 ml of cream. I also add a few drops of caramel flavor, but that is me and my family. Once the sugar is well dissolved, add the gelatin and remove till it disappears. Once you add the gelatin you cannot allow it to cool down. You will need a mould. A typical flan mould is perfect. You could add caramel, but I prefer the white of the cream. However I add a small amount of amaretto as it supposedly helps with the demoulding. Then fill the mould and let it cool in the fridge for at least six hours. Once the ragout has cooked for three hours, it is time for the secret ingredient, a glass of milk. It will balance out the acidity of the tomatoes and give a great texture. Let it cook fifteen minutes and adjust salt and pepper according to your preferences. Keep it refrigerated. There is one last thing before finishing. As the pannacotta is too fat and unhealthy, I want to propose a second dessert, so I also prepare Tiramisu. Soak the savoyard biscuits in a tray with espresso coffee and amaretto (I also use sweet wine or KahlĂșa, but amaretto is my wife's favorite). Separate the yolks of three eggs. It is very important any contaminants remain with the yolks. Mix the yolks with three tablespoons of sugar, and once it is homogeneous, with 500 grams of mascarpone. Then beat the whites as hard as you can. There are many tricks, but the only one I use is a pinch of salt and lots of patience. Add the whites to the mascarpone mixture. Try to incorporate them with slow movements, to get a homogeneous but airy mix. Add the mascarpone over the biscuits, smooth and cover with cocoa powder. As it is also good on coffee and other desserts, I keep a salt shaker full of the stuff. The Tiramisu will be better the day after. Now we are in the day of the meal. First, bechamel for the lasagna. Bolognese is a so called, "dry" lasagna, so the bechamel has to be quite thick. I used 50 grams of flour, 50 grams of butter and 250 ml of milk. Melt the butter and add the flour to make a "roux". It should stay warm so heat the milk also so it does not cool the mix when you add it. Then add slowly the warm milk while stirring. Adjust also the salt and pepper. Once the bechamel is ready, it is time to build the lasagna. I use precooked pasta squares, as they make my life much easier and I usually break most of the normal ones while soaking them. So bechamel, the ragout, the pasta and a lot of parmesan cheese. Using a pyrex oven tray, a first layer of bechamel, that will be acting as glue. Then pasta, ragout, parmesan, another layer of pasta and the bechamel to cement it in place. Forty minutes in an oven at 140ÂșC, with a bowl with water in the oven to keep it from drying too much. I did not take any photo of the final product, except at the end. After the lasagna, who was the main dish, or "segundo", I needed a "primo" and some starters, or antipasti. Rather than pasta, as there was pasta in the lasagna, I prepared a mushroom risotto, using shiitake as they are much more affordable than porcini. I also made a starter from black rice, Venere, that we had brought from Italy. It is a steamed rice, so it is not good for risotto, but I just cooked it and then sauteed it with walnuts and gorgonzola, to combine with the nutty taste and hard texture of the rice. It was the biggest success. There are several "risotti" in the previous thread, but if you have questions, feel free to ask. Once the cooking was over I forgot to take pictures. But these are some images on the table. The antipasti is a classic Caprese and Bresaola and beaten gorgonzola and mascarpone.
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