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  1. well. i guess, we need to recreate a photography thread. and since i took some photos on way home i might as well test this out. for posterity - the old board "1000 words" thread stopped on the way home to try and capture this one single house in the middle of nowhere with the christmas lights blazing in the dark. P1260143 by Mr. Push too far/dark from safe stopping point. i've dug out my tripod, will try again, see if i can get a focused picture. the surroundings came out better than i expected though, given how dark it was. P1260144 by Mr. Push
  2. So on the old board we had threads for a bunch of individual creative topics. I figured it might be a good idea to combine them into one and just have one place to talk about our creative efforts.
  3. I will profit to raise one of my favorite threads from the limbo. WGB Cooking School, a way to show off easy and not so easy cooking, and because I personally like food porn. As we had spent the summer holidays in Tuscany, for family meals this year I have been focusing on Italian. It all started the day before, as some dishes have to be made in advance. First a general view of the kitchen The most time consuming was the ragout for the lasagna, Bolognese style, as related by a friend from Reggio Emilia. The meat is 50% beef and 50% f
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