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  1. Psychophant


    We are few and distracted, and most of the information comes from ephemeral social media. Here is a place to list all the semi-permanent interviews and declarations linked to Agency, starting of course with those before publication, but also to include those that will appear later, specially as I am not sure we will get a promotional tour this time. I am also surprised that they are all from 2017, and in many cases linked to Archangel (I omitted some that only focused on the comic). There are also many articles written by using the Twitter posts information, but I do not consider that worthy of inclusion here. I would like to focus on what he actually says, not what others read in what he says. I have found only a few but I am sure there may be more. I put them in chronological order, as earlier ones may become obsolete by newer declarations. 3rd of May 2017. The Verge. It also showed for the first time the cover, and focuses in the structural changes due to the Trump victory in 2016. 24th of August 2017. Vice. It is really about Archangel but has several tidbits about Agency and its connection to The Peripheral. 6th of September 2017. Marketplace. The full interview rather than the condensed version, touching many things. A bit rambling, but it is good to have a spoken interview as it is less focused than the short printed ones. 22nd of September 2017. BoingBoing. Cory Doctorow on Archangel, but touching on the Jackpot and Agency. 25th of September 2017. Barnes & Noble. Another Archangel piece that segues naturally into time travel and Agency. 4th of December 2017. Omni. Elizabeth Hand, surprisingly short stopping when it starts to get interesting.
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