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  1. I hope they are visible now. Problems with Google photo
  2. Started the Ack-Ack-Macaque omnibus, that combines all three novels and a short story, and it is too much monkey for me. The first novel is very good, the second starts to be repetitive and even worse, I really, really hate infinite accessible parallel universes. I blame Heinlein. So I stopped halfway the third and may finish it later, when I am less burnt-out. So I read a couple of Spanish books, reread the first two books of Chris Wooding's Tales of the Ketty Jay, and Whispers Underground, the third novel in Ben Aaronovitch The Rivers of London series, that took out the bad tast
  3. He is one of the few posters that I believe everybody liked. A true gentleman. We exchanged some e-mails in 2008 about writing for Mythaxis, but I was not fully sure of my writing in English. And we met every time (except last time, of course) there was a board meet in London. I really looked forward to those brief talks, because he always had so many things going on. I dare to say I am a better person for having met him. He will be remembered fondly.
  4. One closer to home, from June last year. Gil Williamson, aka Gil here and in the original board. The new Mythaxis has an in Memoriam piece and I think it fits here. Rest in Peace
  5. Working normally (I have a big office, 14 sq. m, roughly 150 sq. ft. ) as I am 3 meters away from the door. I am mostly alone in my floor, and my wife, who is working from home, takes the good table. Minimum human contact that is not through a screen, however. Our region has not been heavily hit, compared to the bigger cities, and my parents who are both high risk are still well. I got a serological test last week (work related, as we are an essential industry and have been working at high intensity the whole lockdown) and I am negative, so the caution has paid off, but
  6. I was expecting to spend most of the lockdown playing games, but I have been reading books instead. And in the same way most books I read are reread, I have also spent quite some time replaying games, mainly great space sandbox games (Obvious, in lockdown). Fallout 4, Skyrim... The only game I have finished is also an open sandbox game, but isometric, Seven. Quite good once you get used to the interface and the limitations of the viewing area. A master thief gets possessed by a demon (an AI from the past) and gets tied up in the search for what is functionally a Fallout vault. Not much dialogu
  7. Like many others, I have read a lot during the lockdown, though I have reread more than read new books. Partly because I am boycotting internet purchases, in order to help when it is possible the local stores. And partly because most of the books I have in the "To read" pile are books that do not attract me, which is why they are still there. Rereading requires less energy than reading and certain books are comforting these days of uncertainty. So I have read several books about that London I cannot visit (Ben Aaranovitch, Kate Griffin, China Mieville or Nick Harkaway). Also as ma
  8. I forgot the rent. My niece has a hedgehog. And we still have a Russian tortoise.
  9. Here if you do not mind dealing with large South American rivers.
  10. It is not really new, as most translations are made years after the Japanese publication (except for Murakami, of course). But Foyle's was promoting it last summer when I was in London. I liked Vandermeer's City of Saints and Madmen in a queasy, uneasy way. But the following books, Veniss Underground and Shriek left me quite cold, so I have not read anything he wrote after that. Maybe I should give him another chance. But as Frank Zapa said, "So many books, so little time." On the other hand, as Murakami makes Nagasawa (Norwegian Wood) say, “If you only read
  11. I am quite behind in my reading, and even more in my reporting. Got Uprooted six months ago. Really liked it as a darkish fairy tale, mixed in with Polish self destructiveness. Killing Commendatore, from Haruki Murakami. On the surface it seems a typical Murakami novel, with a guy in his thirties lost and bewildered that just plods along being nice. But there are other currents, and it is probably the most explicitly sexual of his works. The fire at the end seemed too neat an ending, but in any case you have to choose your own interpretation. I do not remember if I men
  12. As expected, there is an excerpt of the Locus interview in their website.
  13. Watchmen is very good, indeed, and it was great to see Jeremy Irons chewing the scenery. A bit disappointed in Carnival Row, but it is nice to watch, at least. And Amazon seems willing to fight HBO with some of its weapons, celebrities and sex. Cardinal manages to keep the interest in the 3rd season, and it still seems more Scandinavian than Canadian. Preacher's ending was so over the top that I actually had to force myself to watch the last season, just to see how it ends. Quite as expected, which was a final down. If I could choose I should have stopped w
  14. Hardwired (Tracy Chapman, 2002) Your wants desires Needs and wishes Will be duly noted Processed filed and cataloged Labeled and encoded Turned into sitcom dialog And advertising slogans We've got a box to put in your brain Hard wired for downloading All the secrets and the mysteries You've been selfishly withholding The dreams and hopes That once were yours Will now be collected and dispersed So the first to come with cash to spend Will be the first one served We've got a box to put in your brain Hard wired for downloading All the secrets a
  15. Psychophant

    Tour dates!

    Bristol looks impossible to me, as I should be in Frankfurt for work. I wonder if there will be something in London the 1-2, as I doubt he will hang on till the 8-9. The week after Brexit. That may add some extra wrinkles. We will have to wait for other announcements.
  16. Psychophant


    Another one, from Publisher's Weekly
  17. Psychophant


    They will be coming. The first one I have found is not very flattering, from Kirkus Review.
  18. Actually it may beone of the inspirations for Pattern Recognition, as the actual recovery was in 2000 and the tank is exhibited in a museum (Gorodenko) since 2007. The tanks is a T34 M43 (model 1943, the last one armed with a 76.2 mm gun), that was used till the end of the war. It has German markings and coloring, which is not so unusual as the Germans were experts in using captured equipment and they had several factories producing 76.2 ammo for the huge numbers of Russian guns they captured in 1941. They used it in the defence of the Narva line in the summer of 44 and probably s
  19. Psychophant

    Tour dates!

    All condensed in one grueling week. I hope he gets a rest before tackling Canada and/or the UK. As usual I will consider visiting London for this, if Great Britain has not imploded in the meantime. The USA is a bit too far for a casual trip.
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