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  1. The difference between 50-60% resistance and zero is huge, even if it would be much better to be at 80-90%, not to mention the reduction in mortality. And for me, it clearly separates you from those that do not wish to get it, and the unlucky ones that do not have much hope of getting it any soon. Or are too young to really benefit from it.
  2. As getting one is a kind of compromise of getting the second (and soon, the third...) jab, I prefer to count it as vaccined. My wife got her second Pfizer yesterday. We decided to spread the risk, so we got different ones, which is why I got Moderna.
  3. I have a first dose and will get the second the 14th of June.
  4. Just a poll on how vaccination progresses among our population.
  5. 4 months later, with patch 1.21, I have finally finished Cyberpunk 2077, with small periods when I tried the patch of the day to see if they had solved my particular crash. It is infuriating, because you can see the tons of work, the potential, the sparks of glory, and it is surrounded by unbreakable railroads, countless bugs and performance problems, and missing opportunities that were well established in other games ten years ago. It is the excellent writing in some side missions and the great atmosphere you get at times what makes it worse when it fails. I tried all
  6. I have ben trying, without success, getting The employees in English. And apparently no problems getting it in French. Any comments on the quality of the translation, and if one of the French speakers has read it in French, what is their opinion? As the original is in Danish, I need a translated one anyway, and Spanish is not an option right now. If it gets the booker price I suppose it will be translated in Spanish, but I prefer not to wait. As reading, mainly Spanish literature. Julian Marias connected novels Berta Isla and Tomas Nevinson. The stress of secrets, and w
  7. Work and life got complicated in February, and work at least even more complicated in March. I hope I can find some stability now. I started the reread of Stephenson's Reamde, but I could not finish it. Then I went for Fall, as that was the reason for the reread, and I have abandoned it around page 350. He tries too hard, and the only one character I care, a little, is Dodge himself, and I think that is spillover from Reamde. The first 300 pages are an introduction, and possibly another attempt by Stephenson to be considered a serious futurist, which is where he is always behind, d
  8. Michael Swanwick's "The Iron Dragon's Mother", despite the title, has more in common with the "Dragons of Babel" than "The Iron Dragon's Daughter", but does not really need reading those two books. The book is more polished than the other two, with Dark Faerie more consistent and developed, but that is not necessarily good, because the unexplained events and weird magic is one of the things that make Faerie so compelling. The characters are likable, though we do not see the same character development we got in TIDD. So despite similar ages it is more a suspense romp than a coming
  9. The Cyberpunk 2077 fiasco (unsolved unusual bug that blocks me at 75% of the storyline) has left me more time for reading. However I am mostly rereading in preparation of two anticipated books. I first finished my scheduled reread of Banana Yoshimoto's Hardboiled / Hard Luck and Goodbye Tsugumi, mainle because they are short sweet books, great for reading while on a load screen or rebooting a computer. Hardboiled / Hard Luck are two novellas in one book, totally unrelated except in how people handle loss and grieving, a common thread in most of the author work. Hardboiled has an al
  10. For me it is a matter of perceived signal to noise, as what I consider noise is signal to others. So in the same way Twitter became an impossible time sink for a compulsive reader, Slack quickly became impossible to follow without a high investment in time, if you really need to follow it all. A binary response, I know, but I am finding myself less flexible as I age. A second factor is that the crowd in Slack is mainly the twitter community that grew up the last 12-15 years, so mature enough, and not a nostalgy haven for a board that effectively died ten years ago, even if we are p
  11. Privacy apart, Slack has, for me, similar problems to Twitter, so I am afraid I have just stopped following. Too much work finding the grains among the straw. It will be great for setting up meats without telling the whole world, however. But the rest just seems what would have been on twitter. And I know it is mean, but I would really like the option to mute some people. So I will be checking once a day for messages and mentions, then once a week and in a while I will stop looking, as nobody has a reason to mention an absence.
  12. 7:00. Alarm sounds. Get up half sleep and set up breakfast. 7:15 Shower. Get a new bandage for the left arm (blood donation yesterday). 7:30 End grooming. Check the weather forecast and pick clothes and shoes. 7:40 Check the mobile work backpack that I take daily (MS Surface, masks, powerbank, notebooks, alcohol gel...) 7:45 Breakfast while checking news and first wave of work e-mail (America and Asia). 8:00 Make sure my wife is awake and conscious. Wish good morning. Go to work. 8:15 Arrival at work. Temperature and mask check. Get into my office. 8:30 Sta
  13. The last two months I have been playing much more than I have been reading, and most of that reading has been rereads. I am close to finishing the reread of the whole Iain Banks (both with and without M.). However Matter was a slog upwards, so I will take a break. Also rereading all I have of Banana Yoshimoto (NP, Lizard, Hardboiled and Goodbye Tsugumi). I also had Kitchen but I cannot find it. The four together have half the wordcount of Matter. Most of this reread is that I am a bit afraid of Moore's Jerusalem, and I am procrastinating. As I also got Stephenson's Fall, or Ddoge
  14. Although I have voted " Working outside the home like normal", because I do go out daily for work, it has nothing to do with normal, as I used to travel 2 weeks per month, and I have not traveled for work since the 25th of February of 2020 (Hannover, Germany). Right now, no plans to travel till the autumn, at least. Using almost exclusively MS Teams with customers. I have spent several days working from home, while we waited for my wife's COVID PCR test results (she has been tested 4 times). The only time I have been tested it was on a Friday afternoon and I got the results on Satu
  15. Looking back to history, intimidation of politicians by small group of armed supporters is classic fascism. This will generate martyrs, as quite a few people will be going to jail for this (all those cameras and selfies will bite them back), and create a hardcore group of violent excons for 2024. The erosion of credibility of the democratic process is what makes dicatorships possible. It is one more step in the wrong direction. The fact that DC and Capitol police, with apparently one single exception, are unwilling to shoot white people will also make things worse. We
  16. Yes, there is a similar vibe, but with a clear feeling of hurry that is not present in the Witcher 3. At first I felt it had a resemblance to Sleeping Dogs, that I liked a lot, but here what is missing is a faction and reputation system, as it was missing in the Witcher 3. I have been hitting a lot the Tyger Claws, but they are still civil to me and offer also gigs. I had a fatal crash two thirds into the game (after the Oda fight). It is a reported but apparently rare event, so I doubt it will be patched soon. Even backtracking a couple of hours did not help, so I started a new ch
  17. After a quite dark denouement to the story of the doll (that had me executing several unconscious gangers) we get a glorious view of a veve, some Haitian creole and the need to find a netrunning gang called the Voodoo Boyz. It will have to wait as the ninja wants me to hack a parade float. And more dark, angry, long haired Keanu. He made a couple of interesting suggestions, however. Still very absorbing, but some mechanics clash, such as building bullets out of ashtrays and playing cards. Unless I have a hidden nanoforge... But then why single out ashtrays?
  18. According to the official webpage, Xbox, PS4-5, PC and Stadia. I do not know if you could play on a mac through Stadia, but it runs quite well in a five year old laptop. At a certain point you can get a bit fed up with Keanu/Johnny, but then his appeareances are well measured, so far. Not to be spoilerish, but he is your own personal ghost, and you even play him for a short while. And he has recorded quite long conversations. The first Act was quite violent (at least as I played it) but now that I am settling in, yesterday I only choked two people unconscious in three h
  19. Absorbed in Cyberpunk 2077. A bit surprised that my five year old laptop (that I bought partly to play Witcher Wild Hunt) can handle it at medium. Some weird mechanics, less smooth than Witcher 3, I still value highly that I spent three hours in the wake and farewell to a dead friend, just talking , reminiscing and drinking. Now cruising the city on a bike while Keanu Reeves berates me and I wait for several people to get back to me. I could just wait or sleep for five seconds, but I enjoy the cruising. It is cool that lots of detail of the RPGs Cyberpunk 2013 and 2020. Specially
  20. The big question right now is what is the right way to say Pfizer. I prefer the German way, but clearly the English American is winning. So Phi' Zer.
  21. I started Metro Exodus, but I was not in the mood for claustrophobic bleak, or open air bleak, so I am rerunning Knights of the Old Republic. What an underrrated influence is HT57. The original murderbot.
  22. The semi-lockdown that soon will become a full lockdown is good for computer games. I have spent the week playing the Outer Planets, an Obsidian game with a short plot, a Fallout NV feeling and a Borderlands setting. Short and sweet, though a bit too short for me, and the fake sandbox is obvious. Quite good visually and I really cared for some of the stories. Much darker than it seems. The previous week I had been playing the original Fallout throwback Wasteland 3, much shorter than 2 and without the feeling of freedom. Nice visually and well balanced, the decisions matter but you
  23. Good to see you, Colin, even if there is not much to tell. The Brussels meeting, as expected is now fully virtual. I am doing some traveling, but only inside Spain, and by car, avoiding public transport for long distances. A real setback for sustainability, but the risk otherwise is too high. Tomorrow we go to our favorite restaurant for my birthday. The tables were already at a safe distance before COVID, but we will miss the banter of the sommelier. Spendng what we can to help them survive this period, it is not the kind of place you can get take-away.
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