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  1. Maybe we could get a book cover for agency, such as this...
  2. Psychophant


    This one has only a very Peripheral (Hah!) link with Agency, as it could have been without Trump, but I like it a lot, and still informs a lot about Twitter, his writing and time, and even the Jackpot. 13th August 2016. Business Insider. Really a late one about Peripheral, but it really touches a lot of things.
  3. Back from three days in Italy, visiting shoe sole manufacturers, plus Vibram which is in a class by itself. I am always impressed by the R&D department with artificial icy slopes, rocks, marble, climbing walls, etc., and young engineers acting as testers. They do that seriously, but then you have other companies making soles for 1000 € shoes (Prada, Gucci, Tod's, Chanel...) that depend only on the skill of an overworked chemist. And paid at less than 5€ the pair of soles. One of the differences is that Vibrams designs the soles and the others are designed by the brand and they have to find the material and the way to get the mechanical properties required, a good mould filling and all the color palette for the shoes, which is the really complex part. I can say that these horrendous (to me) soles will be available in silver next season... Do not try to run in the rain with them...
  4. For me this is the definitive version of this song.. Dylan is almost always better in covers.
  5. Psychophant


    We are few and distracted, and most of the information comes from ephemeral social media. Here is a place to list all the semi-permanent interviews and declarations linked to Agency, starting of course with those before publication, but also to include those that will appear later, specially as I am not sure we will get a promotional tour this time. I am also surprised that they are all from 2017, and in many cases linked to Archangel (I omitted some that only focused on the comic). There are also many articles written by using the Twitter posts information, but I do not consider that worthy of inclusion here. I would like to focus on what he actually says, not what others read in what he says. I have found only a few but I am sure there may be more. I put them in chronological order, as earlier ones may become obsolete by newer declarations. 3rd of May 2017. The Verge. It also showed for the first time the cover, and focuses in the structural changes due to the Trump victory in 2016. 24th of August 2017. Vice. It is really about Archangel but has several tidbits about Agency and its connection to The Peripheral. 6th of September 2017. Marketplace. The full interview rather than the condensed version, touching many things. A bit rambling, but it is good to have a spoken interview as it is less focused than the short printed ones. 22nd of September 2017. BoingBoing. Cory Doctorow on Archangel, but touching on the Jackpot and Agency. 25th of September 2017. Barnes & Noble. Another Archangel piece that segues naturally into time travel and Agency. 4th of December 2017. Omni. Elizabeth Hand, surprisingly short stopping when it starts to get interesting.
  6. Psychophant


    Anticipating the book tour, from the last one in 2014. I wonder if he will cross the pond this time, as he is six years older...
  7. Psychophant


    Not a real excerpt, but we take what we can... We also know that a later chapter is The Denisovan Embassy. I suppose that as we approach the launch date we will get more tidbits.
  8. Thanks. We will see the coming weeks. I know I will sound snobbish, like George Clooney's character in Up in the air, but I hate traveling in summer, when airports and hotels are full of "amateurs", who delay and clog everything, and sometimes even lack basic knowledge, such as the family this morning at breakfast at the hotel in Casablanca, demanding bacon, or the right way of facing a security control. A pocketknife? in 2019?
  9. Indeed. Yet I am in a peculiar mood. Alone in a foreign soulless hotel tends to make it so. I better get some good warm food in me...
  10. Van Morrison. Reminds me of you. As they say in The Commitments: Probably why their music output is so outstanding for such a small country.
  11. Traditionally I skip the jacket at work from the 15th of June to the 15th of September, except when meeting big multinational companies or government officials. However we have had already a few days over 40ºC, so it is relaxing a bit. When visiting customers the rule is that you should always be overdressed compared to them. Never underdressed. Order Casual < dress shirt < dress shirt and trousers < combined jacket < suit. A tie always bumps you up one category, which is good as except for politicians and bankers even large companies are leaving it out as uncomfortable. I may have worn a tie only a dozen times this year, and usually when meeting tire companies, which are quite conservative.
  12. This came out the same week my brother was diagnosed with Appendicitis. So I sent it to him inmediately. He chose the sword. And apparently his doctor is of the same school, as he has been several weeks salting his insides with all kinds of nocive chemicals. Pity they did not watch his lungs till a week later...
  13. After more than 30 days in hospital in six weeks, I could take my brother to his home this morning. It started with a ghost infection, that became a painless appendicitis (less than 0.5% are painless), and then back to the hospital with Pneumonia. So when I was not traveling I went straight from work in the evening to visit for a while and discuss those pointless things you talk about to avoid discussing the actual illness. Novels (he has read Rudyard Kipling's collected works while in the hospital), music, TV series and history. Usually modern but at the end moving to XVIth century politics. Most of the time they were not sure what was wrong, so he has had a whole battery of modern techniques, from NMR to CAT, from echographs to a colonoscopy. At the end the old X-rays were the deciding factor. It is weird how it puts your life in a limbo, being stuck in a hospital, tied up to a drip. We spent plenty of time in the chapel, that was always empty, because even before the pneumonia he is very susceptible to lye, and they use it in industrial amounts when cleaning. After the last three weeks the first thing was getting rid of all the perishable foods, as he went for two days the second time and stayed 20. Visitors get also stuck in that no-time, but at least you are free to go at any time, and restart your life. To compound matters, I broke the gear stick in his car (an old piece of junk he refuses to change) when moving it around the parking to make sure the battery was not dead. So as a penitence I am his chauffeur, at least till he gets his car back tomorrow. Fortunately I had not used up the free day at work we get from hospitalization of a close relative. When I go to Casablanca later this week he should have his car again, and if he breaks it again it will be his problem...
  14. Playing Atom RPG. A Russian take on the classic Fallout themes, with a very Russian slant on things. Nuclear war took place in 1986, so Communism was still in full swing. The system is almost a pure copy of the original Fallout, but without blue vault suits. A bit harsher, with cumulative toxins, radiation and hunger, and combat where I am always the weaker party... Full of homages and Easter eggs. A nice revisit to a classic style.
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