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  1. ‘Genshin Impact’ like everyone else, but since you don’t really have to buy anything yet, I’ve started purchasing the soundtracks instead. And unlike the clever, who have set the game to Japanese where it plays better, I have mine on Mandarin. There might probably still is localization, but I try. And the character of Paimon, which is a bit different in each language, is more of its own take in Mandarin. This is the way of the future for anime: Game set to English interface but the audio is in the original language plus subtitles. It makes a difference.
  2. Ahhhh! For the paradigm people out there, it was cute when it was north vs south, minus the war. The west east coasts vs middle and south gave me east west rap battle recalls. But city vs country co-relation takes the cake, throws the old communist problems hand signal. Like there is a lot of opportunity being able to move between the country and city, like this was ever a secret. Reminds me of the 70s. But less hit men, more private investigator, which is considerably less merciful. Can anyone do country cyberpunk? When Gibson does country, it seems more GTA 5 to me, but maybe tha
  3. Evil got me for $15 more, which is a lot here, but I'm okay with it. "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" as upgraded without screwing with the semantic. I'm okay with it. Reminds me of Hollywood's, and now, Twitch's rules: 1) No name dropping, ever. 2). When you are too old for this 'crap', post nothing. In that twitch way, this movie plays like a 'Jesse Cox' union card. Anyway. Used to see this stuff on Buffalo channel 29 back when there was an actual 'Creature Feature'. Been a while but geez. "You should get oil.", and that candle? Then Dragging that coffin i
  4. Started the Halloween season off with "The Driller Killer". Premise say is a portable drill, which I understand was fictional at the time this was made. And now the movie is on ITUNES somehow. For three bucks. Enlightenment. Horror movies for the next three weeks for me.
  5. Well, hello. Everyone. Ignore my name for the most part. It comes from getting into a Canadian bar (the Concord was it?) at 16 because I had a full face beard, but was very immature for my age. Third act blanket sorrow, to be young and bad at poetics. [Will post white leather tassel '86 jacket on request. Still in love.] But none of that's me, and don't judge quickly, as things seem. I'm your everyday normal person touch point. I work retail. Have for the last ten plus years. I'm good with it. Oddly, I've managed to run the stock market in those ten years, to this point in
  6. I'm not good with birthdays, and I have one coming. So as I feel in debt to the G board, I'll leave one of those unpleasant but absolute true stories which is simply weird. When I was about 11 (+-1..2) I would watch television long after normal bedtimes, as my parents let me. I got to see a lot of MASH as it originally aired. This is where it gets weird. At that age, MASH ended, and I remember watching Alan Alda in a sitcom, something like House Calls, but I could be wrong on that. But I was young, sitting in front of the tv, and noticed some sort of ma
  7. This isn't the end again, is it? I got to make it through flight school tomorrow, just in time to make the party at the Two Hurricanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Keep everything set simple, set weather real time system almost, and go. Might make it, 40/60. Alcohol distinctions seriously done and taken, but I'm still memorizing gauges at this point. And on PC you need an X-Box joystick controller, regardless of admissions. Now cranking 'Elastica: Stutter', see everyone tomorrow, crashes otherwise. Cheers on hurricane drinks and planes. ?!? View live if
  8. She walks pretty like An Afghan Turkish angel With her eyeballs cut. Written as I realized the last Gibson book has the weirdest ending tone, and having received the Classic Doctor Who season Three for Four on coming commentary.
  9. Okay, I promise. No more overdoing social media for a while. But I want this one, need this one, just this one. <Looks left.> <Looks right.> Like those old 'MAD' magazine books I got as a kid, this is James Bond's "For Your Eyes Only" (Sony, Sheena Easton, I have Bill Conti, Michael Leeson), except it's about Video Game Streamers and Obsession. * * * For my eyes only, a long list of emotes. For my eyes only, I chat room on the twitch. You can guess, obsess my game, Tetris speed drop my soul - Hand me your gun; I’ll wall jump leave down ho
  10. The old ways. One does not bring risk to the Tom Hanks Talent Union, one bears risk for the Tom Hanks Talent Union. If one brings risk to the Tom Hanks Talent Union, one steps down so that this is not the case.
  11. Here we go. I’m eighty five years old. Today the game is one hundred and ten years old. One full third of the adult population plays it. It’s one half real time strategy, one half story/social role playing. It’s phenomenally violent. Day and night pass through both halves, and people forget to eat and sleep in real life. It’s kind of like one of the ancient games, StarCraft II, but open world. Historically the jump is comparable to a Vic 20, or playing “Neuromancer” on a Commodore 64, to getting a RTX 3080 for Christmas, like in processing speed and instruction
  12. Whoopsie. If you are ever concerned about screwing up Shinto and Japanese Buddhism in regards to photos of black flower funeral metal (Black Cat Metal), and reflect on this as it screws up, you might as well go right back to India through China, with kind words to the Dali Lama in passing. Meaning... Part of you might want to post a "Cyber" "Squad" version of La Soldier. Instead, this, to friends there: Deep Purple Knockin' From North America despite translations, I spent a summer or winter break on a boat in the mid eighties in British Columbia around Comox, and when on look out
  13. Four Kay Horror was Anywhere that it mattered - Corona lonely. In the off season We meet, but when the game’s on You can’t find a tree. I do not point, no, But there is a pointing, yes: All allusions suck. Her name, Four Kay Blood, In a list of 420’s. Ya, sure. It’s me, girl. Virus, kid or man, I cycle through both this month. Four Kay talks to me. Kid says Dokken ‘Beast From the East’ plus bottle wine Equals special God? Man bets car on stocks, Broke even t
  14. I’ve only watched ten minutes of ‘Cloud Punk’ but it is obvious to me the potential of its DLC: Cross the theme with anything ‘Pet Care/Sitting’ and $$$. The ‘Animal Crossing’ crowd can’t get enough, and this direction would work great, but if you wanted to get your ‘edge’ on, you could go to the lucrative industry of ‘Pet Health Insurance’, maybe even ‘Pet Black Clinics’, where your loved, beautiful, and awesome pet could get that kidney. Anyway, I think I’ll check ‘Cloud Punk’ out.
  15. The girl smiled, wore a N95 mask; My focus gravitated to her eyes And not her hair, a trick on me, this task Of finding western words to eastern sighs. In likeness science to the big and small, As all domains are meta super typed - Such wonderful power, beauty, bound wall, And all to see me on this subway hyped. Semantic, airborne virus, drifting thoughts: Today new research findings are as team And owned because massive death cards, drawn lots - Thus making hardness, the lonely to dream. Except for... Girl, I wonder. Do
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