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  1. 2019 Those ten seconds before you fall asleep When you can draw geometry from will, Yet faces perfect detail wait there deep Inside a thought forgotten song, that’s still. This is to worship, fundamental love As wonder, the start of science, no end. The stars are better than me, hint to shove Image quality higher than me, lend. The rest of life is this small time wrote large, An imitation, good and bad, a mark To meditate the creative, to charge Returning judgement, someone else’s spark. Doll who? High five me. Good work. Grab my hand. There is a bottle for us to share, stand.
  2. If a writer could Suzuki, Minoru: Belt- World? Great things, love.
  3. To Hong Kong influencers: Cursor. Press As you, but no expatriates, a mat. The day will come. The cat is far too fat. Lockdown will change the light to darkness, less. Analysis: Cantonese: Redo: Mess. Prepare. When lights go out, drop the old hat. Translate: Chick with razers in her hair, stat. Grandma may talk but little, gives her dress. The word’s ‘Mafia’, call it market wink. As power’s information, channels race Relaying news and other products, fake? Three is the magic number, smoke bomb stink. Engage to disengage, remember face, And purge the bottom of a burning lake.
  4. When you put a shot glass of sake in the microwave, make sure to remember that the very short amount of time is a very short amount of time.
  5. Happy Canada Day/July 4th * * * * * Lovely, the reason we do dialog is because it can be interpreted, and description in comparison is hard. If you can use long, multisyllable words with meaning, and no one falls asleep, or reads your semantics backwards, you are one of five people or less I could count on my left hand. As it stands, let us go with simple but powerful words, because that’s all my memory can recall, as it doesn’t seem to be able to learn new anymore, and hasn’t for some time. Not that I stop trying. But let’s just talk. You make the mistake of thinking the newer is better than the older. Rather, this is what I am saying. The newer is the older. Yes, lovely? You could scry through old card games on your computer to see what comes. I’ve always given away the tricks, taught the manipulations of advertising while using them, in part because I can win without them. I’m not Japanese, but maybe it’s a Japanese thing. Stupid, really. But these new card games, this cycle at least, what do you think? Is it bait? Or will it be bait? If you fuck the normal curve to keep away from gambling, does it not make it more gambling than ever before, because of the behaviorism? Like you wouldn’t want to talk to me. I’m sad, and am sad. What if the odds are illusion because of the digital, and the float of video poker scares me, like I’m stupid? Which I often have been in the past. So, the card matching between players is set up, fixed, and we aren’t supposed to say Santa Claus is a fake, which he isn’t. But then I’ve spent more than ten minutes trying to think up a gender neutral and/or inclusive term for ‘Middle Man’, which doesn’t inverse after three seconds, with all its import. Maybe it’s an image set up for fools. But maybe, with internet comments and all that, it’s really about hatred. Like the esoteric nod in social circles of knowledge edging into superiority without basis, beyond that secret. Maybe getting your character shot every time you read a book is meant to make you not read books. Is that scary? Maybe the grace has always been in executing the possibilities, because the machine lets that go on purpose. For now, at least. Or maybe it’s meant to poison everyone, except for a few. I miss the normal curve, like I’ve missed you, lovely. I miss the two standard deviations. I miss books. The vampires must feed, and you will be bled out, thankfully, if you do not come to understand. To tell the future, the moderns, the ancients, and you are? Lovely. You connect what you see and what you feel. Subconscious tea leaves, the entrails of a dead squirrel run over by a car. Out of nature, frankly. Fucking birds dying on mass. Two images overlapped, and what’s in the middle? Salmon and teeth, half a pint and random interpretation of episodic food tv. Staring into a keyboard, as if it were a coffee. The entrails of a pig mixed with ice cream. The cards show the future, what will be. My broken nose, against my mouth. Do you understand? I too would love 2 pi r squared, if you would dance with me on a pin, at an angel of midnight. So, the future can be known now, like fireworks on a tongue, a death puke, and my damn card on the river. But no. I’m okay. I understand. At least I have a damn card, more than I can say for whoever you would insert here. As dreams, we all see what we wish to, what we don’t want to see, what is only a premise. A quest of not questing, now over. Eights and fours. Eights and fours. A full room, lovely. If I give you my left arm, would the blood help you to read the future? Could you tell me the card, so I would kiss you? I’m lying in that I would believe you. But I would, like death. Let the moon shine, fool. It’s okay. I’m good with it. Love.
  6. Keanu is going to make love to all those unbelievably beautiful Polish girls, if I can't remember where to pre-order from. It happens anyway, and that may not be a bad thing, unless you are waiting on a 30% discount, which only works with shipping to EU countries. And this is advertising on the Super Bowl, and intended not for the FA Cup. So WTF... I remember a weakness to Czech girls on a plane, like biology or something like that, literally and powerfully. Because reading Roman letters is weird given how cut throat hot the poetics are with Cyrillic to the tongue: A 'y' phonetic throughout. Very much easier to read. Truth. Pre-order truth. It doesn't matter if you order on GOG or 'Steam'. It truly doesn't, as much as a percentage that's not spent but gone in a bank account somewhere in time, like a lonely transgression. Keanu is going to make love to all those Polish girls in 4K. You have got to see it to believe it. And Keanu's cop only gets hit if: 1) Prison War Crime Greater and not lesser, 2) dirty police officer, Solo, and 3) a Third category I can't remember at the moment, but really should look up, because it could be important. On orders, write it down, significantly. Keanu actually is beautiful. And the answer is, I simply do not care. It's cause and effect, as 3.14159654. Cyberpunk, when no one bought a share for two months, then bang for 2 grand, then stillness. Sorry, all. It's a year away, with all silliness to follow. Polish girls, authentic, not imitation.
  7. Jar Jar Binks from the (relative) nose bleed seats.
  8. All you crazy gamers, holding out on me! You think you can put one over with the spin, but I know the secret now! Sure, never mind Quine's indeterminacy thesis, it is so very easy to bend video game hardware and game reviews to a possible rational explanation. It makes the world work so much easier. So if the tech is a $400 item, which most computers won’t be able to run because the specs are way too high, why make the console people sad, especially given the business of certain video game companies having close experience to related hardware companies, over history, and not to say the company in the news, Facebook. And other companies who sell the same tech, such as Sony, which most people would be able to use, works fine – never mind ‘Steam’ financials. So, it makes sense that nobody is moving fast on yet another VR thing. But I know your secret! And I know, act like you’ve been there before. Keep the secret. I will. But I have an Oculus Rift S with resolution. I have seen it. And it isn’t like any idea you might have from watching standard video of it. Not that I think that this will blow up like pcs in the eighties => I can only use it for twenty to thirty minutes without getting sick. But, power: Simply sweet. And here’s the thing for the story people out there. It redefines how the story works, on the implementation. So why pay $60 for ‘Skyrim’ again? For the third time? Because I haven’t seen anything like it ever. Because the way the story vector works (the high level abstraction of meaning to the individual as a movement to an end) changes. Worried about separatism as a story vector, given recent events, and how that might touch an older game? Secrets. Everyone is short (in height). (You won’t get this without an actual demo.) Well almost everyone is short. And while there is still enough nonsense to cope with reality problems => I (for real) can stare at faces for five minutes, and not get bored. And because you are short, everyone’s breasts are in your face as Skyrim is so beautiful. The implementation overpowers and changes the vector of the story, as designed. Dangerous. Keep the secret. Because this could get out of control really fast if it went main stream. And keep the secret, because, in other games such as a shaking oculus rift intro – a shooting game with space guns is so very precise in its pointing to be (scary) great in gameplay, and fast. The small community that comes out of this might be legit, in the same way internet questions were, before everyone got involved. You heard it from me. Keep it down. And yes, I have beat saber.
  9. And love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love; Did digital pretense fool you? Fooled me. Does Twitter Facebook hybrid hook up, dove? Yes, all they hate may save us. Burn who’s tree? Orange rhymes with beer in Cockney, sometimes. Dick. -Unless the tech that damns invaders space Responds to time alone, a fuzzy trick - Now go away a second, honor, trace. As vectors, beauty. Can you hold my hand? Much as a word is sent, a heart of dent, Equates to nonsense, time outside the band. Hi, you. It’s paid. Thanks. Also stolen. Meant. Express mistakes of generations made; Repress the pain of real, end as fade.
  10. So, we all accept that mobile add-ons to pc games are going to keep coming. Sure. But really. This strikes me as basic, and I’m sure design has missed it. What I want on mobile is a way to tap my character (in RPGs) to show people and tell quick stories. Like in retail, you got a bunch of people sitting around a lunch table, half of whom are new to the job. And everyone knows the turn over in retail is absolutely brutal. So, game talk goes to the phones, which everyone has. And I click on my WOW extension, and do you think I can get something simple like a PICTURE OF MY CHARACTER? A simple graphic, maybe some individuality. No. Here’s a slow loading map of Azeroth. Any of you new retail people want to see a map of Azeroth? It’s thrilling! No? What I want to do, is give a quick explain of my (currently) 394 goblin engineer subtlety thief – see him, that’s him! Nope. If you want social, flipping code social. Add small things, but I’m really talking over the phone display to people with more work to come. Add your talent agency, or guild. Did I say talent agency? Foolish me. I meant GUILD! How could I make such a mistake! My goblin has lunch stories. It doesn’t take a gig to code. See him smile? Christ on a crutch. I won’t even figure the same social go to for the competitive scene. Stats, but not just stats. But the take is painfully obvious. Code it! Nope. It might save, say, some retail problems before they happen. Because I might be tempted to say something at work I shouldn’t, like do you think there’s a correlation between pay-to-win gaming and Nazis? That’s non-work cred there. Think about it. Freelance.
  11. Got some codes for the Egaliteriate, or whatever that thing is. They're promos from a R/spawn panel, for X--Box /1one month gold service, one per user. Should get Microsoft for RDR2, but so much is coming out, like Rift S, which will probably give me motion sickness. Anyway... before they expire, waste not: 9WCQK-D4W7D-RT239-9WQQD-MYW3Z MFYY7-VY3Y3-PGJTT-JMTHF-4T2GZ 6CMD2-6WJTQ-PGG6Y-C7DGW-3YWXZ
  12. “My subconscious is better than your subconscious. That’s what you’re saying?” Grunge ate a waffle, a handful of peanuts, followed quickly by some cheesecake. “No, not exactly, just that getting horizon effect, whatever objective scientific hold you have to that, tends to define species pretty quickly.” He looked for a chaser. “Like dice onto the midnight of the future, I’m sure.” He poured a pure orange juice for Grunge, then pointed at the unopened bottle of Jack, top shelf behind him. “What we could be.” “Okay. This is what you do. When you dream, most cases, it’s hard to reach out to good or evil, say, because the depth is too basic, right? Like you need to be the dreamer who realizes they are dreaming, then fly or float, something like that. I always float. It’s creepy. Anyway, forget all that, try this.” “You’re saying open the JD?” “Sure. I’m saying fall asleep, then dream, then kind of realize you are dreaming, sort of, but instead of flying or floating, do this. No good or evil decision, given depth. Instead, highlight and underline the word “interesting” in your perception => I mean attempt to ‘will’ the ‘interesting’ result, and not think of good and/or evil. What is the interesting consequence in the dream, and go there!” “Will the interesting. Why?” “Because maybe, just maybe, you will feel good and evil as a piggy back function right on top of you, more so than if you had attempted to will good or evil directly.” “Yes, sure. Who am I, but then, I am who?” “That’s why you look into the shot glass, friend. You, we imagine, I mean what is interesting, after all.” “Magic and the fortunate.”
  13. I seem to be finding myself at one of those fan conventions two weeks from now, in Chicago. As always, I'm good on the beer if any WGB people are around, actually from Chicago, say, east coast. This convention might be a bit rough - I mean tear filled -with no one mentioning it much- but Disney is going heavy to the Fox side for Marvel, in terms of studio stuff. I'm told. But they are going to be running the cable competitor direct to download alternative Disney content works with your phone monthly sub stuff. PS. Does anyone know about where one could get one of those baseball caps with "Pig" from "Beyond Good and Evil" the video game on it? If I'm going down, I'm going down in spades. And I mean it for the beer. It's on me.
  14. Saw the Wandering Earth (subtitled, Chinese - Mandarin) on a 'Regal' theater big screen, much better than say on a (pirate) backscreen. Space exploration, but also a disaster movie. Cool thoughts. I think intellectuals would find this movie worth the time.
  15. Gibson:Board Into a New Year's Post, where I don't normally drink, for bloody good reason, but it's NY's. Me, on Facebook. Remembering Toronto in older age, faces. Cheers, certainly, and somewhat more. Young people on message boards...
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