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  1. StageDrifter


    Sign voice car check tribe, and... Thumbs up! Guitar hero number one, hall of fame period. Plastic guitar, say words... .
  2. StageDrifter


    Oh Dctr Who birthday: Call it La La. Tom Baker's EX, with nail gun. Nail gun. Nail gun. Within a few days, at least. Shit. ... 8?One>> Need whatever.
  3. StageDrifter


    This is what happens when someone named Minotaur gets hung up on a second video game which isn't released. Here, at least. Bruce Dickinson, 'Riding with the Angels', ...Where 666? ZYou know it.
  4. Women should not be As coke up the nose, leg shave: Gentleman Loser. That’s music for you. Like John Belushi guilty Speak at least the truth. Molly was anger, A trigger pull in writing, Not such Linda much. It’s how it turns out, The politics as bait switch, Powerless new sex. Whatever trip you, Send me the details, secret Penned toilet paper. I lobby return To the most immature start Of card character. One time only, tell Me what I missed, what planet Smucks implication. Coke and legs, well yes, But smack desire in words, soul, Personality. Vector: Fill, Fill, Fill, One Two Three Four Five Six plus One and Two then Three. Hit me in the face, And I love you like the breeze Of sobriety.
  5. Not again. I can never figure reality out. I'm on some sort of 'freaking' car that's made up like a Key West beach bar, driving down stuck in traffic through Toronto mid day. George R. R. Martin is at the bar table, like a carnival float, playing poker also. I think it's the 'Aces and Eights' fucking children's cancer charity or something, and I hear on the radio that's playing that they've banned Gibson's Neuromancer for stereotypes or something. I'm just trying to get a third drink, and failing. I don't understand. I bet George R. R. Martin's final real 'Game of Thrones' book, which no one believes exists, but does. Someone mumbles something about Hawaii, and I say I saw the Islanders wrestle twice, live, back in the day. I then recognize heads and tattoos as religious, which is too long in the coming, for realz. So I put this straw poll up on my phone for Martin's web site, 'Beautiful Nuts' or 'Evil Nuts', choose. Ya, that's it. The music. All he's talking about are family trees. I can't take it any longer. He doesn't seem to mind me betting his unacknowledged book, though. Cancer candidly really does suck. Having said that, who doesn't love a (female) belly as tight as the drink I can't get because the float, so to speak, is going around a corner. The river. Like Heraclitus, with a shower. Sir royal Heraclitus. What exactly do you mean 'Neuromancer' is banned or at least is no longer being distributed as a book?
  6. The new Street Fighter season, which ain't cheap. And it's Dan! (By far the worse character in SFIV, as agreed upon by everyone.) Also victim of translations from English to Japanese and back again for # of iterations. I remember the character watching over the girl martial artists on some kind of cruise ship, around Brazil was it? And... apparently the new Dan is actually awesome, at least for the next while. This is going to read really weird. Sure, I personally own Capcom OTC stock (here in the US), because I bought it back when you actually were allowed to. Street Fighter has always interested me, despite the fact that I can't play well, because it might actually have the most diverse playing community online, and daily active. (COD could be argued.) Which makes this recent POG CHAMPION thing with GOOTECKS baffling. (I normally give someone who might be related, say, to a part of Asia which might have a unique perspective, given the last seventy five years, extra translation time. Not that I watched a lot, but enough where, if you are familiar with this, what?) (And I've been drawing question marks on Mike Ross for the last couple years. Now I really don't know.) But just because I own in Capcom doesn't mean I can't say this: If I believed in the joystick, that working the moves was legit, I would put more time into playing. I'm moving from PC keyboard to XBOX controller for PC. Maybe the trials will work. Regardless of the tightness needed to hit a button, if you do it quicker then slower, for hours, you should be bound to get lucky sooner or later. Nope on trials, for something simple. Yes, online is always different. I'm just saying above the table makes more money. This surprises no one.
  7. “You can’t get permission from the dead.” “Do what I say, not what I do. I’ll play ‘Give the Dog a Bone’, as you could, but do not.” “Master.” “I wasn’t asking you. I need research. I need you to do me research.” “As I would.” “Egyptian crap. Seriously. I do Greek real. This predates it. It’s not mine.” “Eye of Rah, but not internet crap, the real deal.” “It’s important, something about the resurrection of a very old soul who isn’t about to escape hell yet.” “Trig pyramids real trip.” “I entertain you, don’t I? I want to entertain you tonight. I need you to ponder ‘I want to have sex with that very girl there’ shit tonight, except unlike the rest of the total male population, ‘I don’t want to have sex with that girl’ necessarily. I want to blow things up, because they blow up, understand? You will believe me, the truth.” “Slam.” “Hound.” I breathed. “This is my thought, my ponderance, and question.” “By the means, Master.” “Garbage and shit. This is time orientated, goofball. Eat the crap to join the heavenly.” “I am so ready.” “I have something no one else realizes. It is now yours.” “Suitably.” “Horror movies during the movie rental days were great. They disappeared because Hollywood worried about the evil intent. They became ‘suspense’ movies instead, scary but not horror as we would define the classical genre. Suspense films captured both sides of the gender audience, as females liked the films, as classical horror was a male dominated genre.” “Sure, sure.” “Here it is. This massive across studio decision, to move horror to suspense, corresponds to the loss of power of studios in regard to music. The label used to be huge, and money, but all are gone now. They were so big it was unbelievable. Labels could write your next album, even if you were too drugged to write it yourself. They were that good, really, musically and not just in terms of money. The creation process before the selling process which they were known for.” “The fuck. What’s new?” “The connection. Horror films serve a magic purpose most people don’t understand, but it works. When the true horror films went away, violence didn’t go down. It went up. Bushido. At exactly the same time the powerful music labels bled and died. They say it was because of people stealing music. You can’t steal that which is free, peace and sex-filled lust, like there’s any other kind of daimon.” “The exact same time?” “Sex. The labels died because they believed it all could be covered up, like the greatness of ‘Simon and Garfunkel’ into just songs, when they weren’t just songs. Sing them. Wrong. And not even close really.” “They could get away with it. Like denying the holocaust. Smelly BS.” “They saw slasher films, which were horror. Hollywood couldn’t distinguish slashing films which had a vector of intent to do other things positive and magical, from ad hoc dice and chop. It all went away. As did the labels with their money and truthfully real music power. Now no one writes music but in cheating. Robert Plant would could have a fish in a bathtub.” “Kiss my hard ass in passing the angel of death.” “It’s Egyptian. Find it for me. Humor me.” “Heavy metal. There’s a traditional crossover between heavy metal and true punk, having to do with serial killers.” “I don’t follow”. “Judas Priest. Gay guy not out then, exactly, but okay gets complicated. Serial killers, singing about many different things at exactly the same time.” “Yes.” “Shock like punk, which I’m not as good on, out of the hat.” “Sure.” “The first few Iron Maiden albums, all serial killer all the time. The magic kept, spell cast, in a hat. It’s something heavy metal could never take back.” “Shock. You sell by album covers, like ‘Crue’ chicks on a video I can’t find because of money.” “Ya. Maiden might be the best example, the Egyptian shit aside. There are reasons.” “Like” “Charlotte the Harlotte. It means nothing to anyone outside of a small group of fans, who are long in the sitting. Just as movies are written.” “How do you mean?” “I figure the real Charlotte died in the eighties. Not like a bad movie, but like real life, just died you know? Because otherwise, she could have had money, or an island to herself. Not that people won’t regurgitate in front of you, you got the cash. But shit, master. She would have been more than paid in hind sight.” “And what kind of ass did she have?” “Paul Di’Anno was the man as it turns out, as he said on some of his youtube clips that disappeared. Acacian Avenue was a fictional venue as it turned out. He gave the real address on one of the clips which disappeared from youtube. To no one’s surprise, Paul was the one in question in regards to content on those Maiden songs.” “Charlotte?” “Charlotte in a you tube generation would be a different Charlotte. Let Bruce tie her up in a song that’s bad but fun on purpose. The real Charlotte? Only guessing. Died in the late eighties. It’s the only way the movie ends.” “And Paul?” “Is punk.” “Shit.” “Charlotte?” “No longer out there, to a dollar bet.” “If she were, against all of Phil Collin’s odds, could you do me a favor?” “Yes?” “Apologize, say I still love her ass, cheer the greatest life livers in anyone’s lifetime, and give her this, a Gibson hard cover ‘Neuromancer’, not worth anything.” “Why?” “Kiss the cyberpunk bible. The quote goes: ‘Biz here was a constant subliminal hum, and death the accepted punishment for laziness, carelessness, lack of grace, the failure to heed the demands of an intricate protocol.’” “The blessed.” “Horror films are what made my teenage years and I am sad to have seen them go for whole generations. Let us bring back the definition magic.” “That secret. Jason kills people not for sex, but for that moment where you think and believe it doesn’t matter, regardless, as long as you have it. Jason gets his ass up on that. He kills victims.” “And I would like to write music for a living, and see hotel rooms.” “Sure. And write more good movies, sequels even good.” “Tongue the Charlotte, now probably dead but you never know. Gross.” “To remember the movie music magic?” “Dialog I’m afraid.” “No island?” “So easy to write for her book?” “It’s okay. Write it.” “Master.” “Rum. To. The. Hills.” “And great.” “Ask real questions, regardless of community.” “Old soul, Egypt, more hell.” “My tongue. Get the camera ready!”
  8. If anyone is feeling so philosophically down from all the current headline video, we all know the fight must start again, even if it's tomorrow morning. Not that I don't go off all stream of consciousness crazy, but I recommend reading or re-reading the Conan the Barbarian Belit short story for magic, and if I may quote: "And she danced, like the spin of a desert whirlwind, like the leaping of a quenchless flame, like the urge of creation and the urge of death. Her white feet spurned the blood-stained deck and dying men forgot death as they gazed frozen at her. Then, as the white stars glimmered through the blue velvet dusk, making her whirling body a blur of ivory fire, with a wild cry she threw herself at Conan's feet, and the blind flood of the Cimmerian's desire swept all else away as he crushed her panting form against the black plates of his corseleted breast."
  9. Sure, sure. Am I buying beer for people again? Country like a demographic, like normal people grouped who will not drive into the city. Not to equate this to country music, but people who line up to go line dancing. Like Walmart radio where I have to listen to ‘how about those cow girls’ or the country cover of crue’s ‘don’t go away mad’. like I want to park my bike and drink at the bar and be okay, but push ... books? Anyway.
  10. The FBI hereby considers all Univocal to ‘Fire Bomb’ on the net - Universal auto warrants, no wall Two years next fall, through social plus links, bet: ‘Grave Dildo’, ‘Nerve Three’, ‘Mud Tears’, ‘Base Line Bone’, ‘Nice Meteorite’, ‘Swish Barrel’, ‘Tongue Cold’, ‘Surgery Dimples’, ‘Microphone Drop Phone’, ‘Pine Wood’, ‘Blue Not Green’, ‘Fake Gold’, ‘Undead Mold’. Plus add to these ‘Beach Fragments’, ‘Ugly Heels’, And ‘Falling Through the Roof’, ‘Bad Tea’, ‘Deep Eye’. We know what you mean, ‘Steak and Biscuit Feels’. We will add fifty terms tomorrow. Bye. No sign ins. I can offer one called ride. We both get realism, all in stride.
  11. ‘Genshin Impact’ like everyone else, but since you don’t really have to buy anything yet, I’ve started purchasing the soundtracks instead. And unlike the clever, who have set the game to Japanese where it plays better, I have mine on Mandarin. There might probably still is localization, but I try. And the character of Paimon, which is a bit different in each language, is more of its own take in Mandarin. This is the way of the future for anime: Game set to English interface but the audio is in the original language plus subtitles. It makes a difference.
  12. Ahhhh! For the paradigm people out there, it was cute when it was north vs south, minus the war. The west east coasts vs middle and south gave me east west rap battle recalls. But city vs country co-relation takes the cake, throws the old communist problems hand signal. Like there is a lot of opportunity being able to move between the country and city, like this was ever a secret. Reminds me of the 70s. But less hit men, more private investigator, which is considerably less merciful. Can anyone do country cyberpunk? When Gibson does country, it seems more GTA 5 to me, but maybe that’s wrong on me.
  13. Evil got me for $15 more, which is a lot here, but I'm okay with it. "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" as upgraded without screwing with the semantic. I'm okay with it. Reminds me of Hollywood's, and now, Twitch's rules: 1) No name dropping, ever. 2). When you are too old for this 'crap', post nothing. In that twitch way, this movie plays like a 'Jesse Cox' union card. Anyway. Used to see this stuff on Buffalo channel 29 back when there was an actual 'Creature Feature'. Been a while but geez. "You should get oil.", and that candle? Then Dragging that coffin into a cutaway shot of the Dracula/Frankenstein castle? Mouth the words. Lovely GREATNESS.
  14. Started the Halloween season off with "The Driller Killer". Premise say is a portable drill, which I understand was fictional at the time this was made. And now the movie is on ITUNES somehow. For three bucks. Enlightenment. Horror movies for the next three weeks for me.
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