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  1. The Art Deco Mad Scientists. [Noir's been posting about `Metropolis', btw.] Cheers, Patrick.
  2. Didn't see this part at first. I don't know if he was even feeling that sick before a heart attack on New Years day. From that point he was pretty out of it, so... no? Hopefully not. Patrick.
  3. Heard about his condition from a mutual friend named Chris, but I don't think you know him. Later heard he'd died, from his cousin. Patrick.
  4. @xen0phile, this morning. Please don't refer to him by [real] name or mention this on social media, until his whole family's been notified. This wouldn't be a good way to find out. He had diabetes and high blood pressure, then pancreatitis, then organ failure, including eventual heart failure. But no CV-19 , which is almost strange these days. He was kind to cats and [mostly] nice to people. You all know he lived under a heavy load of depression and disappointment. I hope he's free now. Sing with me. Cheers, Patrick.
  5. Clicked onto the wrong end of this thread and noticed this... It hasn't aged well. :-\ Not your fault though. Cheers, Patrick.
  6. I did a thing. Hope you like it. :-) See description for details. Cheers, Patrick.
  7. So, uh, Venezuela. Several shady governmental and paramilitary things going sideways at once. Just throw in a rogue AI and it's pretty much a Gibson novel. Cheers, Patrick.
  8. That may be so, but you seem to like people a lot more when your mom's not talking your ear off. Cheers, Patrick.
  9. Well, it is phenomenally ugly, to me. But I can see a bit of a `Metalhead' aspect to it, a specific kind of ugliness. Cheers, Patrick.
  10. For you, xen0critter. Cheers, Patrick.
  11. Cotton Candy Viking Poodle [My friend collects / restores / customizes dolls.] Cheers, Patrick.
  12. The Ugly Shirt. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/evj9bm/adversarial-design-shirt-makes-you-invisible-to-ai
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