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  1. RFID Banana (from: http://www.thewgb.com/index.php?/topic/51-the-work-thread/&do=findComment&comment=8533)
  2. In my experience people tend to parse out what they feel like are the important bits and ignore the rest. You said "Friday," so that became the deadline regardless of your intention. If perhaps you'd said something like "No later than Thursday," the desired outcome might have been achieved. In the case of the pizza, I interpreted that the same as you.
  3. I'm confused, today is Tuesday. Generally speaking, probably #1. In the context of the modern work place where most coworkers (present company excluded of course) don't pay attention, you should expect #2.
  4. Wondered if any one had posted this. I would totally watch an all-female (except Ellis) Die Hard. Several times. At the theater.
  5. Much of my computer "skill" is intuition based on what I see happening on the screen. I'm horrible at troubleshooting, explaining, or assisting over the phone, regardless of the tech-savviness of the person on the other end.
  6. Not that it would cause errors, but your comments say "NYC" but the link is for DC. If you have multiple versions of Python installed on your machine, it's possible the version of pip you used to install the Selenium module might not have installed the module for the version of Python you're using to run the script.
  7. So I did a thing, where I make sounds and noises, in front of strangers, on a stage. @db shot the video
  8. I made some music I think is pretty cool: https://t.co/UOkzSrrmUf I hope you think it's pretty cool as well.
  9. What's out your hotel window? Post your photos here. Miami:
  10. Various - from my work Slack.. Rogue } Questionable Pornography Magical Flight Man Ginger Ale Explosion Full Modal Backdrop RAGE FIX CIDR Clash Janky MFA Ed and the Communicators Hammered Chrome Obese Waste
  11. That's why you want the proper application. Practice on some outlying trees to learn the correct amount and placement so they fall the way you want.
  12. Re: trees and branches "Any problem on earth can be solved with the proper application of high explosives"
  13. Oh, and that's some next level drumming on that Algorithm track. MDFMK is an acronym for the German phrase that translate to English as "I shouldn't have split up my last band"
  14. You can't look tough, mean, angry, etc while fiddling with a keyboard or MIDI controller. It's impossible; you just wind up looking dumb. Apart from that.... *throws wallet at screen* Thanks for posting, Bravus.
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