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  1. It's awful how the loss of an artifact of insensate materials can strike as hard as the loss of a family member or a pet, but it can. Hope you get it back. Check out eBay etc. You may even get it back at a bargain price. It happened to a friend of mine, and he did a very good deal on the basis he didn't report to the police. Unethical? Sure. Feelgood? Sure.
  2. You will, of course, get a mechanic to look at it. Our 110k miles v70 sold at auction for $160 approx - £130 in UKP couple of months ago.
  3. gil


    Wow! Great lighting. Noticed... No wedding ring, motel-type decor in background.
  4. Can I just chip in here and say that on a relatively new car, there are very few things you can do ( including changing a headlamp bulb) without having a mechanic involved. Pre 2010 should be your aim initially. Or a Volvo.
  5. Just finished my first re-read of Zero History since the week of its UK publication. I still noticed the rich, heavy use of simile throughout - a real pleasure which brings the reader right into WG's world. Very short chapters, corresponding to each major character's viewpoint.The ending, while totally satisfactory, felt a little contrived, built around a number of cool ideas and some mistakes made by the enemy. The cool ideas sent me to the internet for source material when I first read the book, I remember. Loads of fun and still a great book. Jumping around in WG's back catalogue, I think Spook Country is next.
  6. gil

    This is Bad News!

    I could not have believed the shambles that BREXIT has descended into. I thought it would be an expensive mistake - now, I have no words to describe it.
  7. gil


    To be honest, Johnny Mnemonic was pretty hard to stomach. Compared with the original short story anyway.
  8. gil


    We have a room we call the laundry. It contains an enclosed shower, washer/drier, a double kitchen sink, gas central heating boiler, bathroom sink, toilet and drinks fridge. No room drain but underfloor heating. It never feels unsanitary and is very useful.
  9. gil


    So, in summary, April 3 2019 ?
  10. Have temporarily mislaid Infomocracy, so I've reread Count Zero, and All Tomorrow's Parties. Just about 10 pages into Number 9 Dream.
  11. I have also started Infomocracy . Like WG's The Peripheral it's hard to see what's going on for the first 50 pages, which is no bad thing. Unlike Gibson, I am not cpmpelled with the quality of the writing, but, hey, it's well recommended by Wigbers, so I shall keep going. It's astonishing how little time I have for reading. Historically, I'd read 3 to four books a week. Now, I'm struggling to read 30 or 40 pages.
  12. Sounds typically Hiassen! I read the first few Hiassen [grumble] some of which are probably mouldering in a cardboard box in the garage with all my crime novels for which there "isn't room in the house" [/grumble] - I'd read another. sounds like this one!
  13. [Heavyboots] Remind me not to ask you for a lift.😀
  14. Jack Vance.... Oh, yes. I read the whole of the Lyonesse trilogy again last year, and I'm halfway through the 4th book in the five book Demon Princes.
  15. Thanks, GreenRobot and Psychophant. I've been cursed with 'meh' sf lately, even from Neal Stephenson. The early Delaney, I used to like. From Dahlgren onwards, not so great. Borges I liked from start to finish.
  16. Thanks, remote. I'll try the first volume.
  17. I don't get much opportunity to read these days, so I'd like suggestions from like-minded readers here for The best sf book they read recently.
  18. I mean mythaxis, not WGB mk1. But I just tried Wayback Machine for the old WGB and found that 13 Mar 2016 seems to be intact, It's a question of trying to find the post with the pup.
  19. Did you try the Wayback Machine? I began to worry about Mythaxis and posterity, and discovered that it seems to be preserved there.
  20. Happy New Year, everyone. That may ring hollow in some households, I fear, including our own, where it seems we are amid a string of unresolved problems, including both our health. On the bright side, we can look forward to the launch of Agency.
  21. I was a little disappointed by A legacy of Spies. It seemed a little like a potboiler, and to get full value from it, you had to be familiar with the Smiley canon. I still haven't embarked on Archangel. I bought the hardback in April after a disappointing experience with downloading the first two episodes via Kindle. They just didn't FEEL like a graphic novel.
  22. I remember tortured Christmas dinners. We're too old for them now. Beryl and I ate alone... Tournedos Rossini*. We didn't have room for the Xmas pudding afterwards. * Toast, a layer of pate, a fillet steak, all covered in caramelised onions and a brandy and cream sauce.
  23. gil


    Bleak... Hankley Common, location for James Bond's Skyfall, also the army training ground near me. I was caught in another crossfire of blank cartridges the other week. Lucky to escape with my hearing unimpaired.
  24. What a miserable lot we are. No-one's posted: SEASONAL GREETINGS
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