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  1. gil

    So what happened to YOU today?

    Damn Twitter! I have a theory that Bill's workday is shorter as a result of his Twitter input. I have just about 50 people I follow, but have never been able to find time to keep up with my twitter stream even for one day!
  2. gil

    what are YOU lookin' at?

    The last series of The Big Bang Theory. It was really running out of steam in the last few series, but we think series 12 is better than we expected.
  3. gil

    So what happened to YOU today?

    Thanks db and heavyboots for the mojo. Thoroughly miserable right now but Beryl keeps thrashing me into acion, which is working.
  4. gil

    So what happened to YOU today?

    Spent it in hospital. A minor op became complicated. I'm home now, wrung out and weak as a kitten. Miaow....
  5. gil

    What are YOU reading?

    I found Embers of War very good. Particularly in retrospect. I doubt if anyone will ever achieve the soaring imagination of Iain Banks. I recently read the whole Culture canon from end to end. Incomparable.
  6. gil

    What are YOU reading?

    Try Gnomen
  7. gil

    What are YOU reading?

    Just finished Mr Penumbra's 24 hour Bookstore - a light, and entertaining read... The only puzzle I have is what were the readers - Tyndal, Lapin, et al. - actually doing? Did they have the key to each book and were they just decoding it? Maybe I missed something. They all seemed to know which book they wanted next. How?
  8. gil

    What are YOU reading?

    Gnomon by Nick Harkaway: Quite a doorstop of a book; it took me days to wade through it. The action sections are pretty good, and there is a lot of that, but there is also a lot of tedious speculation - and, believe me, I didn't skip a word. While it was kind of entertaining, there being three or four alter-egos with their life stories, the whole plot being the investigation of a a death in custody, it was all a bit of a shambles, really, and the resolution felt unsatisfactory. I thought the book ran away with him, and needed some serious editing. Much less fun than the other Nick Harkaways I've read. In complete contrast,The Peripheral was a delight, initially mysterious but very satisfactorily controlled and resolved.
  9. gil


    Correct me if I'm wrong, xeno, but I guess that although you are very extravert on-line, you may be rather introverted face-to-face? That's not unusual these days. There also may be a spot of attention deficit if you keep changing focus. You appear extremely clever. It's a shame that you are having difficulty getting a well-paid job. Is this a personal presentation problem at interviews? My advice, for what it's worth is to keep honing your skills and improving your CV.
  10. gil


    I'm sure I've mentioned this piece by Dylan Thomas before, but it bears re-mention. Alternately funny and heart-breaking, but mostly funny, it's: A Child's Christmas in Wales
  11. gil

    The Car Thread

    We've just bought what will probably be our last car. Traditional petrol/automatic. We're out in the sticks, don't have a bus service we can walk to, very poor cellphone service, no sign of public electric charging points in our area. It all hardly matters. We do very few miles a year. I think I filled the tank a max of 6 times last year. Just shopping, and doctor visits. The golf course is 4 minutes away. We've started using grocery home delivery, so that reduces the pressure on shopping. The car we're trading in is 18 years old with 108000 on the clock, and most of that was when I regularly commuted to London in the first 10 years. I think we'd be cheaper with taxis, but they have 6 or 7 miles to come and most of them smell awful.
  12. gil

    So what happened to YOU today?

    Where's the primary, and where are the secondaries?
  13. gil


    I'm pleased everyone/a few of us seem to be migrating back. I never did take to Twitter, facebook and so on.
  14. gil

    What are YOU reading?

    Yes, I read Easy Money. a couple of years ago - very lightweight!