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  1. So... https://www.williamgibsonboard.com/ seems to no longer be online?
  2. Only once so far. I don't reread Gibson all that often actually. Most of his works I've only read twice. The only exception is Pattern Recognition, which I must have read 5 to 7 times now.
  3. The good thing about some of the recent frameworks (as I discussed above) and more and more powerful web-API's is that the boundaries between native app development and web development are blurring more and more. Anyway, good luck with the testing job!
  4. I doubt the man is that in tune with the gaming world to have the same esteem for CD-PR as more hardcode gamers have. Also, I think we'll have to wait for some actual gameplay footage to be able to tell what the game will actually be like. Personally, I refuse to get hyped up over any game prior to release. For now, I'm interested, but that's all I'll be until the thing actually comes out.
  5. I think I'm already following you. Mine is at https://github.com/david-alliet ... smug face and all I've also been using gitlab for one or two more private projects (full websites using CMS) since I don't feel like paying github for private repositories, and it's not something I necessarily want to put available for everyone to browse for security reasons. I actually quite like gitlab, it seems more like a work tool. Github sometimes feels a bit like a social network for developers. In other "computing" news... I never really understood how regex works. It's just not something my brain ever clicked on. But I've been using it a bit more lately, both for reporting in things like Google Analytics and Data Studio and also in some development, and I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. There's still a lot of trial and error involved, but I'm quite pleased that I'm finally getting this concept.
  6. Gibson didn't seem overly enthused but hey... I think it looks pretty cool. It's CD-PR so it's probably going to be good either way.
  7. I bought Obduction is a bundle a while back, which is made by the people who made Myst. I'll get to it at... some point
  8. That's some pretty good stuff! And I think I recognized some locations from when I was in New Dehli earlier this year.
  9. I've been intrigued by Dark Souls game ever since they started making their way over to PC. I always thought the concept sounded really interesting but never quite made the plunge. Dark Souls 2 was for sale in the Humble Spring sale though, so I figured... why not give it a go. It's my first experience with a Dark Souls game and so far I'm quite impressed. Everything is kept very vague, even the game mechanics aren't properly explained but are left to discover. It took me a while to figure out that dying came with some interesting side-effects. This led me to start over already once. I suppose I could just watch or read a bunch of play-throughs, but it's kind of fun figuring it out for myself.
  10. Speaking of ... I've been helping Meru with a massive creative endeavor, which is now finally getting quite close to being released. There'll be an update on this soon.
  11. Cool! A few WGBers are involved in creating material for pen-and-paper RPGs I think. Probably none of them are on this board (anymore).
  12. People are dumb all over. It's just that in different countries you'll find a different kind of dumb!
  13. METAAAAAAL! I've been kind of obsessed with stoner doom metal lately. Even though I'm totally not a stoner. I just like it cause it's heavy music, but not at all aggressive. SLEEP's latest album (released on 4/20... but of course it would be) is pretty stellar:
  14. Hi. I remembered this place exists.
  15. Been playing Banner Saga. I've had it in my steam library for ages, but finally got around to going through it. The story is really bleak, and the mechanics are pretty fun. I'm enjoying it.
  16. Depends on your purpose I suppose. React is the hottest framework at the moment. I don't like it because it seems ridiculously complicated. It's not actually standard Javascript, so you need a bunch of extra tools just to be able to build something with it. Also, it mixes HTML and CSS right into the code, which to me just seems bonkers. But every fancy tech company is trying to do something with React at the moment so it's a good skill to have. I've used Angular 1.x before for a data-driven app, which I thought worked quite well. It somewhat follows the MVC approach, so should be familiar to anyone who's worked with stuff like Rails. They've got a 2.x version out now though which again seems a lot more complicated (using typescript instead of javascript) and requires extra tooling just to get it to work. Vue is another frontend framework that is quickly gaining traction. I've had a quick look at it the documentation and it seems a lot more sensible to me compared to React. It seems closer to what Angular used to be ... but better. I might have a crack at building something with it at some point. Unlike React and new Angular, it actually seems fun to use. I don't really see a point in using jQuery anymore. It was originally created to solve a number of key shortcomings of Javascript (most notably DOM element selection and AJAX calls). JS has come a long way since then and all of those issues are now resolved. I prefer using vanilla Javascript for anything that people would have used jQuery for in the past, just so you don't have load a bulky library to do a tiny thing. Node.js is good for back-end server interaction, creating APIs to call and that sort of stuff. I've no experience with it whatsoever (been meaning to play around with it). It's another one of those hot skills thoughs, as everything these days in Javascript seems to rely on it heavily.
  17. I've totally not been keeping up with Star Wars. Didn't go see Force Awakens, no plans to see Rogue One either. I'm just too weary of huge franchises now, and much too impressed with the originality and creativity of current SF series produced for TV to subject myself to the unpleasantness of modern theaters. Regarding Rogue One, a friend of mine who did see it (and is a huge SW nerd) said it was very fan-service and they'll have to watch out with making movies like this, as they will not be able to attract new audiences with them. While SW has a huge enough following to support it, I doubt the Disney machine is going to be satisfied with stagnation instead of growth.
  18. I'm still working through the first one. I feel like some of the later levels are big solely to pad the game length. Instead of tightening the pace towards the end, it feels like it is slowing down and becoming even more repetitive. I'm still planning to finish it, because I heard the ending is pretty awesome. The second one does not appeal to me at all. Just like with the Borderlands series, I just don't see the fun in comparing loot stats ad nauseam. It's tedious. Don't get me wrong, there are games where I feel like that mechanic is appropriate, but shooters ain't it. Maybe I'm too old school, but I tend to play shooters for the visceral fun of shooting things, not for comparing numbers. Lately I've been drawn to games where you build complex systems, so I'll probably give Dwarf Fortress another go. Also, Minecraft with a bunch of complex mods can be fun for that.
  19. I bought it because it is written by a sorta-WGBer, but haven't got around to playing it yet. But so far I have heard a lot of good things about it, so I'm sure I will get around to it at some point.
  20. It was mentioned in the job description as a possibility, but most likely it will only be sporadic.
  21. Thanks As if having a wedding was not enough, we also just finished moving to a new place (we're renting, the owner wants to renovate). Packing up 9 years of belongings and trying to stuff them into a smaller house is... something.
  22. The only thing I really know about the new Dishonored is that a lot of people reported having problems running it at launch. It might've been fixed by now with patches. I haven't really been playing much of anything, no time! And, for the time being also, no internet access.
  23. You might remember me mentioned that I applied for a job at the international level of the organisation I work for? That was early August. As December rolls around, it looks like it will finally happen. I cleared the interviews easy enough, got word around mid October they wanted me for the job. After a lot more waiting I finally got the official offer a couple of weeks ago, and now they're checking references. It's been a slow process indeed. But one well worth the wait!
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