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  1. I used to get that dizziness ALL THE TIME, and still get it now occasionally. I never fainted, though sometimes it makes my vision black out for a few seconds so that probably means I wasn't too far off. I always just chalked it up to my naturally lower than average blood pressure.
  2. Wizard of the Crow by Kenyan author Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o. The library suddenly started carrying copies of a few of his books, and while I never heard of him before they all sounded really interesting. This is probably the first time I've read a work of literature that is so deeply rooted in African history and culture. 80 or so pages in, and it's really fascinating so far.
  3. Maybe I'll cave and nip down to Paris to see them there anyway
  4. They're going to be doing a European tour with Neurosis soon, which sounds just stellar. Sadly I don't think I'll be able to go see them at any of the locations near me.
  5. Despite my earlier remark about pre-ordering, I did buy "Oxygen Not Included" which is in early access. It's not technically the same thing, as you get immediate access to a product that's in development. But still, feel free to call me a hypocrite! Oxygen Not Included is a colony management sim about a colony of duplicant stranded underground (hence the title). It's a bit like games like Dwarf Fortress which is a game I like in principle. You tell your colonists what you want done, and then it's up to them to actually do it. Dwarf Fortress is notorious for its emergent story telling through lots of deep mechanics. There seem to be a bit less of that in Oxygen Not Included but honestly that might not be a bad thing. Whereas Dwarf Fortress is a daunting game to get into, it seems pretty easy to get going with a decent colony in Oxygen Not Included. A research system seems to be blocking access to many of the more advanced systems in the game, which also helps ease players into it as well. Anyway, seems fun so far!
  6. It's currently 30+ °C in Brussels, so I'm wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt to the office. I know this is frowned upon in the office environment, especially in fancy European lobbyist circles (which the office I'm based in when I work from Brussels technically is). But screw it... I work on websites...
  7. Does that fall in your remit as well, or do you have like a shipping department that handles that nightmare? At least with digital products, I don't have to worry about that... I don't think I could handle it Other than that, i think this whole digital product management thing is something I could actually make a sort of career out of. Which is a weirdly adult thought (yes, I am 37, but also a typical millennial who hasn't grown up very much)
  8. So, Darkthrone is never really a band that's been on my radar. But what I've heard from their new album sounds truly amazing: So many old school references in this, it's a thing of beauty. I really like that the two dudes from Darkthrone have shed all the silliness of black metal years ago and just said "fuck it we're just making great old school music and having fun". Might have to delve a bit deeper into their entire discography based on this.
  9. Moving on to QualityLand by Marc-Uwe Kling. This is a German author, the book has been translated to Dutch but perhaps not to English. The book is set in a country that is ruled by algorithms that take all the difficult decisions so the people living there don't have to think too hard about anything. It's basically a black mirror episode in novel form, extrapolating our use of social media and other big tech to an entire country. The tone so far is fairly satirical, but I'm only in the first 100 pages so it might change.
  10. So I don't really mind outbursts of hostility, but that's not gonna stop me from saying that perhaps hanging out a lot on certain websites can help contribute to that kind of negative or hostile behavior.
  11. We've just started watching Orphan Black. The first season we enjoyed very much.
  12. To be fair, my product management experience so far has been relatively easy. Due to the nature and structure of the organisation, I'm actually pretty deep down in the management levels and the work I do and product I manage doesn't really make it onto any upper management's radars. Although this might change now that I'm doing a huge redevelopment project.
  13. I am incredibly opposed to pre-ordering games. Even from a company like CD Project Red, who seem very dedicated to the quality of their games. I wish the Witcher games were a bit easier to play on TV sceens. I have completed the first one, but it's hard to get through the second one because the font size is just too damn small when displayed on my TV (which is how I play most games now).
  14. I'm so obsessed with the band right now:
  15. I have no photos to share, but on the subject of photography: Yesterday I went to a lecture by the very famous British photographer Martin Parr. If you're not familiar with his work, do take a moment to look at it. His street photography is instantly recognizable for its humorous yet often critical look at many different topics, although the core of his work is British society, culture, and tourism. He's a very unassuming man, calm and friendly, but hearing him talk is very inspiring. He has a no-nonsense approach to photography, and his closing statement was "ultimately photography is about having something to say". And I think this is what I struggle with the most in photography. I basically haven't been taking many pictures (other than stuff for Mel's music) for maybe close to 5 years now. Mainly I don't really feel like I have a photographic voice so to speak. I don't know if hearing the lecture is going to kickstart something in me again or not... but I may just take some time to look at the few photos I have taken and see if there's anything I think is worth putting up in some way.
  16. Having been a product manager for a few years now, I'd say this is pretty spot on: https://hackernoon.com/the-dark-side-of-the-product-management-role-9b0a6904cadb
  17. Murakami's latest novel Killing Commendatore (reading it in Dutch). I saw a few negative reviews of this book but I'm quite enjoying it. It's got that blend of the absolutely mundane with the fantastical that I like so much in his work.
  18. Watched it. Felt pretty close to the book actually including the ending.
  19. Disney turned it into such a franchise-mill that I was already bored of it even before the first new Star Wars movie came out. I still haven't seen any of them. I did try rewatching the originals a while back, and honestly... the first one is really kind of terrible. So I gave up on that too.
  20. I only rarely engage on social media anymore. I still scroll through the endless feeds from time to time but find it increasingly less interesting. Especially twitter, like it's great that a lot of you are politically aware but jeez there is only so many "here's another bad thing in US politic" tweets I can take. I get GR's comment about reddit, 4chan, etc... and FWIW I do think it's good advice. But take it as you want Xen0.
  21. Glad to hear you're doing OK though!
  22. I can totally see how that place would do that to you. Having now been there it seems quite soulless and very geared toward the 1%. While we were there the strike of hotel workers was going on. The chants and slogans were clear signs of extreme inequality. So I can only imagine how hard it must be for local people to even survive there. We actually spent most of our time in the north shore area - only really spent a day in Honolulu itself - in a very residential area and even there the inequality was fairly obvious. I did like the natural beauty of the island, and the people we met were extremely nice. But the vibe overall ... I don't know but for some reason, it really didn't sit well with us. I really do regret that we couldn't come down to the big island So close yet so far away. In hindsight, had we realized what Oahu was like, we probably would have planned the whole trip differently.
  23. I have been playing Subnautica, which is a take on the "survival exploration" genre but under the sea. It's really, really good. I'm enjoying it tremendously.
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