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  1. I can totally see how that place would do that to you. Having now been there it seems quite soulless and very geared toward the 1%. While we were there the strike of hotel workers was going on. The chants and slogans were clear signs of extreme inequality. So I can only imagine how hard it must be for local people to even survive there. We actually spent most of our time in the north shore area - only really spent a day in Honolulu itself - in a very residential area and even there the inequality was fairly obvious. I did like the natural beauty of the island, and the people we met were extremely nice. But the vibe overall ... I don't know but for some reason, it really didn't sit well with us. I really do regret that we couldn't come down to the big island So close yet so far away. In hindsight, had we realized what Oahu was like, we probably would have planned the whole trip differently.
  2. I have been playing Subnautica, which is a take on the "survival exploration" genre but under the sea. It's really, really good. I'm enjoying it tremendously.
  3. I do like Sunless Sea (and had played a bit of Fallen London before that), but for some reason I never really managed to get fully immersed into it.
  4. Last week: 2001, Space Odyssey. I like both the movie and the book. Although they're the same story, they are just completely different works. Not only are some of the major plot points slightly different the book and movie also have a completely different tone. The book is much closer to a classic sci-fi story, with Clarke going into minute technical detail (as he does) and explaining much more than the movie does (and perhaps just a bit too much). I first read it when I was a teenager (before even seeing the movie), having recently seen the movie in a proper theater setting, I figured a re-read was in order. This week: Reincarnation Blues by Michael Poore, which is about a dude reincarnating over and over to try and achieve perfection, or else... I'm not far in yet but quite enjoying it. It's got hints of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, so probably a decent amount of people here would enjoy it as well...
  5. We only just now got Netflix, so we spent the weekend doing not much else but watch Better Call Saul episodes.
  6. I too am now re-reading The Peripheral. It's my first re-reading and there is so much detail and texture to the world I missed the first time around.
  7. I'm on Twitter and FB, but not as active of a participant there. Especially Twitter recently is just 90% posts about US politics, which honestly I really do not care about. So yeah, good to see more people pop in here! It's nice reconnecting with folks from the old board.
  8. I had 8 weeks this year Granted 1 of those was carried over from the previous year. We're going on vacation for four weeks (three abroad), and I still have enough days left to take off between Christmas and New year. Anyway, to keep on topic of this thread: I've been playing a fair amount of Crusader Kings 2 again lately... there's just something about this game that is so cool.
  9. Finished WOOL, and I actually quite liked it. It's pretty easy reading, but a bit better than other post-apocalyptic easy reading.
  10. Sorry to hear all the bad news about dads. My dad has Parkinson's, but he manages it well. The meds seem to help stave it off, and he's keeping very active (which I think is very important).
  11. Not today, but over the weekend Meru and I met up with Vesper, who was visiting Belgium to take part in an Android: Netrunner tournament. We only got to hang out with him briefly but it was great catching up all the same.
  12. My reading has been skewed more towards reading nonfiction lately. I'm not sure why. I just finished Thinking, fast and slow by Daniel Khaneman which was an incredibly insightful book on behavioral science. It's all about the way we think and how that leads to all sorts of biases and fallacies. I did have some difficulty getting through the chapters that were focused more on economics as that's really not my thing normally. Now I want to read similar books, but am not entirely sure where I could start. Do any of you have any recommendations?
  13. Yeah, but you know how the Internet likes hating on things...
  14. Oh hell yeah. Those places are toxicity made flesh (well bits, but you know what I mean). I can only use reddit because I spent some time heavily moderating what subreddits I see and also never comment on anything that isn't in either a local community or my field of expertise. I also second pretty much all of GR's other suggestions, especially the bit about getting out. I ain't great at being out and meeting people either. Joining some kind of hobby-club thing is a really good way to get out and be among people without it being too awkward. For me, it used to be photography clubs and evening classes.
  15. The bike I bought a few years ago was low-budget and honestly, I don't recommend it. I probably spent as much money on fixing the damn thing whenever something broke as what it cost! The last big thing I had to do was replace all the gears as they had completely worn out. Turns out to make em so cheap, they use inferior metal in their gears which just doesn't last very long. That one was a €100+ repair, front gears plus rear cassette. I'm in a bit of a sunk-cost fallacy with it I guess... although I hope that with the new gears it's going to last quite a bit longer without needing more costly repairs.
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