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  1. Started on Fall or Dodge in Hell by Neal Stephenson. I didn't realize it was in a way a sequel to Reamde (which I own but only vaguely remember). It was only after a few pages in that my brain went "hey, these characters seem vaguely familiar". I either didn't read the cover and blurb closely enough or it doesn't mention it at all (which would be weird). Anyway, a couple of dozen pages in, Stephenson seems in good form in this one.
  2. Dracula did not go where I was expecting it to go in its final episode, but it's all good. It's a solid reinterpretation that continues to play with the concepts of Vampires in an interesting way. It's also good to see it actually ends and doesn't leave it open for sequels. Sometimes things are allowed to be one-offs. Perhaps somewhat embarrassingly, I watched all 3 seasons of "Anne with an E" in short succession. A modern adaptation of "Anne of Green Gables". Cute, feel good. I believe there are some changes from the original work, this takes some progressive stances and adds some darker undertones that the original material probably didn't. But it works with the characters.
  3. There's more than one Japanese writer? I should really check out more literature from Japan but not sure where to start. As I've been home a lot, reading slowed down considerably (I mostly read on trains or otherwise on the road). I'm finishing up Ted Chiang's collection of stories "Exhalation". As expected there are a lot of interesting ideas and original takes on SF, so it's a joy to read. I also picked up Stephenson's last book "Fall or Dodge in Hell" from the library, but have not started yet.
  4. Keep it that way! Are you affected by the fires at all?
  5. Wanderer

    Tour dates!

    Mel and I are planning to come to London for the event. We're probably going to skip Bristol though.
  6. So... I spent most of my time off playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown. I know it came out ages ago, and I always did want to try it out but never really got around to it. Now it has me completely hooked.
  7. I had a lot of time off recently, so had more time to watch some TV... The Witcher, season 1. Really great storytelling, it doesn't assume the viewer is a dummy that needs to be spoon-fed the details of every story-line. I actually enjoyed that the different different events could be set years apart without much of an indicator, it made it more interesting. Having played some of the games, I think they got the character of Geralt spot on. The comparison to GoT is easy, but also not really valid I think. It's less "politics in a fantasy setting" and more actual fantasy. It was interesting seeing the discrepancy between professional reviewers and how the public received it. I heard some people complain about the low-quality CGI and costumes but that didn't bother me at all. Dark, season 1. It's like Stranger Things, but German, and much more bleak. This has a high production value, with really great shots and visuals. Apart from how bleakly beautiful it is to look at, the story is interesting too, with some original takes on the genre. You're constantly left wondering how everything puzzles together in the end. The first episode of that new take on Dracula. It's by the people who did Sherlock, so you know it's gonna be slick and also somewhat funny. Mark Gatiss is a huge horror nerd, so Dracula is at least adequately creepy and the horror is well done. It's certainly a modern take though, with at least one the characters behaving in a way they'd never do in the era they're set in. But still... fun.
  8. That was very scenic and lovely, it's too bad I had a hard time enjoying it.
  9. I really should try VR at some point, although I'm like 99% sure that I'll be vomiting in 10 seconds flat.
  10. I'm currently reading Richard Morgan's Thin Air. I'm still in the first 100 pages, but it's kind of hilarious how similar the concept is to Altered Carbon. A down-on-his-luck former security agent, who's former job involved being kept in hibernation until an issue arose, is now working as some kind of bad-ass for hire. Yeah, I think I've heard this one before Richard... So far it's pretty good though. I certainly like it better than the one about corporate stooges racing cars to get anything done.
  11. I don't know if I like the Tengger Cavalry better than The HU But one thing is for sure, I am happy Mongolian metal is a thing now.
  12. I have no strong feelings about currency in general. But cryptocurrencies like bitcoin need to fucking die already.
  13. Interesting mention of Nasum there. I do like them a lot but would never have made a parallel between them an Portal. I kinda get what you mean though. What I like a lot about the last three Nasum albums is that they were really cleanly produced, every instrument clearly audible. With Portal the production is much more lo-fi and that makes it hard to tell really what's going on. Saying that though, I just checked out Vexovoid on YT and it actually sounds a bit better to me than their later albums. Might give them another shot. On production, I never really understood why (especially underground) metal fans claim that lower production value sounds better. Why wouldn't you want to make your music sounds as clear and great as it can be? I've seen this pointed at Cattle Decap for instance a lot, their latest albums apparently sound too good, too polished. I just don't get how that's a bad thing.
  14. McAfee is such a nut-job. He hasn't had any involvement in the McAfee company or with its software for decades now though. He resigned in the mid-90's so that tweet is complete nonsense.
  15. Dude, I probably wouldn't even have had the courage to ask that person if he was or not, so don't feel too bad! (I'm horrible at approaching strangers)
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