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  1. I don't know if I like the Tengger Cavalry better than The HU But one thing is for sure, I am happy Mongolian metal is a thing now.
  2. I have no strong feelings about currency in general. But cryptocurrencies like bitcoin need to fucking die already.
  3. Interesting mention of Nasum there. I do like them a lot but would never have made a parallel between them an Portal. I kinda get what you mean though. What I like a lot about the last three Nasum albums is that they were really cleanly produced, every instrument clearly audible. With Portal the production is much more lo-fi and that makes it hard to tell really what's going on. Saying that though, I just checked out Vexovoid on YT and it actually sounds a bit better to me than their later albums. Might give them another shot. On production, I never really understood why (especially underground) metal fans claim that lower production value sounds better. Why wouldn't you want to make your music sounds as clear and great as it can be? I've seen this pointed at Cattle Decap for instance a lot, their latest albums apparently sound too good, too polished. I just don't get how that's a bad thing.
  4. McAfee is such a nut-job. He hasn't had any involvement in the McAfee company or with its software for decades now though. He resigned in the mid-90's so that tweet is complete nonsense.
  5. Dude, I probably wouldn't even have had the courage to ask that person if he was or not, so don't feel too bad! (I'm horrible at approaching strangers)
  6. That's one band I never managed to get into. I really like their ideas, and how they're probably the closest to the musical embodiment of Lovecraftian cosmic horror. Something about their music just doesn't click with me though. It's just hard to listen to, which I guess is the entire point.
  7. Oh yeah, Anathem is amazing. No objections there!
  8. Not really but also really metal.
  9. DODO was just a fun romp, nothing deep or anything but just him having fun. I thought it was definitely better than Reamde. Seveneves I thought was pretty good in parts and kind of terrible in others. I too very much liked Killing Commendatore.
  10. 40 seconds of the upcoming Cattle Decap record! This will be a great late birthday gift!
  11. Yeah Odo's a badass.
  12. I used to get that dizziness ALL THE TIME, and still get it now occasionally. I never fainted, though sometimes it makes my vision black out for a few seconds so that probably means I wasn't too far off. I always just chalked it up to my naturally lower than average blood pressure.
  13. Wizard of the Crow by Kenyan author Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o. The library suddenly started carrying copies of a few of his books, and while I never heard of him before they all sounded really interesting. This is probably the first time I've read a work of literature that is so deeply rooted in African history and culture. 80 or so pages in, and it's really fascinating so far.
  14. Maybe I'll cave and nip down to Paris to see them there anyway
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