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  1. The team I'm in was already working remotely because it has members based in different countries, so nothing much had changed for me. I went from going to Brussels at most 2 days a week to not at all. While the train was a good time to catch up with some coworkers from the job prior to this one, we have recently switched to doing occasional "train rides" over Teams.
  2. That's a brilliant idea! Btw, I am applying for a job at the local library network @Fashionpolice... They're looking for a "digital coach" who would organize coaching for digital skills, manage and promote their own applications and also manage all the hard and software used in the library system. It would be a bit of a departure from what I'm doing now, but could be interesting!
  3. I used to do all my reading while commuting, which is not a thing anymore... One of the last books I read was recommended to me by @Fashionpolice when we last met about a year ago in London: Convenience Store Women by Sayaka Murata, which I quite enjoyed. It took a while for the library to get it in stock. I still have Gibson's latest sitting on the shelf waiting to be read.
  4. My parents are still in pretty good health, so they're not that at risk. But still we're trying to be careful. I think it might be harder for kids what would normally have bigger celebrations for things like birthdays, communions, etc... Now is REALLY not the time to go to Brussels @Psychophant! I'm supposed to go into the office to clear out my desk at some point (the office is moving to a smaller, cheaper location); but I'm putting it off as long as I can because the prospect of an hour train ride and going through crowded locations like train and metro stations in Brussels sounds like a terrible idea.
  5. Happy belated birthday! I've seen my parents 3 times total in the last six months, my oldest brother and his family twice, and my other brother and his family just once. No other family beyond that. All of our days are very much the same, we don't have a car and are avoiding public transport so we've barely left the city. It's a drag, but it'd be more of a drag to get seriously ill...
  6. Dwarf Fortress is probably still a bit more complicated I've played quite a bit of Crusader Kings 2. I will probably pick up CK3 at some point. It's true that it is a very complex game, but once you've learned a bit about the interface most of the complexity becomes self-evident. From then on it's just a matter of experimenting to see how different systems work with each other, and really that's half the fun of it. CK2 is actually much more complex, because it has years of DLC piling on more and more features. So even though CK2 is free to play now, I wouldn't recommend it to new players.
  7. Put me in the "randomly" category as well.
  8. I really hope it works out for you!
  9. Card games aren't usually my thing, but I recently got a new phone and on a lark installed that Witcher themed card game GWENT. It's actually pretty fun.
  10. Work is completely restructuring because we were quite hard hit by the coronavirus. Other INGO's have actually grown off of this, but not us. It didn't help that we were already in not-so-great a spot already... Not sure if my role will survive the next few months. So that's fun...
  11. Yeah, I saw that release on Steam and it did pique my interest a little bit. I might check it out at some point.
  12. Anathema is another band I recommend in that vein.
  13. Shining (NOR) took a really weird turn to poppy hair metal or something like that. I don't like it... but that doesn't change the awesomeness of Blackjazz. That record owns. I kinda see Igorrr (which I mentioned earlier in the thread) as similar to Shining's Blackjazz album. Just crazy stuff that should never work all thrown together into somehow something that sounds cohesive. Yes on Leprous, and if you like that maybe give Solstafir a shot if you haven't already. Ulver's later work as well, although that's more electro prog than rock prog.
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