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  1. I really hope it works out for you!
  2. Card games aren't usually my thing, but I recently got a new phone and on a lark installed that Witcher themed card game GWENT. It's actually pretty fun.
  3. Work is completely restructuring because we were quite hard hit by the coronavirus. Other INGO's have actually grown off of this, but not us. It didn't help that we were already in not-so-great a spot already... Not sure if my role will survive the next few months. So that's fun...
  4. Yeah, I saw that release on Steam and it did pique my interest a little bit. I might check it out at some point.
  5. Anathema is another band I recommend in that vein.
  6. Shining (NOR) took a really weird turn to poppy hair metal or something like that. I don't like it... but that doesn't change the awesomeness of Blackjazz. That record owns. I kinda see Igorrr (which I mentioned earlier in the thread) as similar to Shining's Blackjazz album. Just crazy stuff that should never work all thrown together into somehow something that sounds cohesive. Yes on Leprous, and if you like that maybe give Solstafir a shot if you haven't already. Ulver's later work as well, although that's more electro prog than rock prog.
  7. I suppose build in a lot of redundancies and make sure there is no single point of failure? Also, I think critical systems are deliberately run on simpler technology. Also also, I would really not be surprised if some of that stuff is also just hacked together bits copied from stack overflow
  8. Imposter syndrome is a bitch, but we all deal with it from time to time. When doing front-end stuff, I used to get terribly discouraged when I saw some solutions that were so clever they were beyond me. Like, a function I would write in 10 lines some people would do in a single line that I couldn't even begin to comprehend. But then I kinda realized it doesn't matter... Sure, it might have taken extra lines to get there, and some would call that less "elegant" or whatever, but in the end all that really matters is that my solution worked and that you I could look at it and understand what it's doing. So, as long as you're delivering to the specifications, and delivering it on time, you are doing OK. And if you work with others they'll expect your code to conform to this or that standard or style, and that's just another requirement you need to meet.
  9. Speaking of awesome drummers... you should really check out the new Sepultura drummer Eloy Casagrande. This dude is simply amazing, and he's lifted the band to a whole new level:
  10. Whatever gives you a sense of joy or fulfillment? You'll probably get a bit better of an idea of that after you've achieved your primary goal(s).
  11. Things are getting somewhat more serious here. Country is in "partial" lock down, which means schools are closed, bars and restaurants are closed, and all events (sports, cultural, etc) are cancelled. I heard rumors that the government is considering putting the country in a full lock down from Wednesday or Thursday onward. That would mean all non-essential stores would close, and perhaps there would be travel bans as well. I went for a walk through the city on Saturday. Bruges is normally full of tourists and shoppers, but this weekend it was very quiet and empty. It's weird seeing he city like that. People have started panic-buying supplies, just like in other countries.
  12. Yeah. He sounds amazing on this as well. And be sure to check out other Igorrr material, that shit's wild!
  13. There's a couple hundred infections in Belgium now, but people are keeping pretty cool. You can't find hand sanitizer anywhere, but other than that people don't seem too bothered. I haven't really seen evidence of panic-buying or anything like that. Tourism in Brugge seems to not have suffered either. I did have a big work meeting in Berlin cancelled, but that was expected.
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