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  1. Oh hi. :) I'm back. I'm seriously going to phase out of twitter over the next couple of months. Last week's break proved to me that I can absolutely live without it, and that I will be rewarded by hours of extra free time every day. I'm giving Plurk a chance, and will probably end up using it for all my micro-blogging needs. When there's something I want to share with the world. I tried Mastodon back when it came out and I was very disappointed. As far as I can tell, Plurk has everything I need, even a solid user base, a business model and longevity.
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    I have it. Last copy the store had (they only ordered a handful). I half-remember Archangel's Naomi being named a couple of weeks before my own. But... fuck it: he totally named the book after my WGB handle and the main character is named after my daughter. (seriously, though, I'm pretty sure it's all a coincidence)
  3. It's mother's day. Pigkilla could buy you speakers on behalf of Ilya & Hayley.
  4. Speaking of the end: wasn't the whole macguffin pointless?
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  6. All caught up with Vinyl and The Magicians. Loving both. Slowly making my way though House of Cards season 4.
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