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  1. Well he certainly lives up to his name. Handsome little devil.
  2. I'm approaching the end of Palm Sunday, a Vonnegut book I never read when I was in deep the first time. It's a collection of mostly nonfiction stitched together with connective tissue, and it's a mixed bag quality-wise. There are plenty of very good Vonnegut gut punches about life, but some chapters required slogging. I'm glad I've read it, but I won't read it again. In one chapter, V grades all of his works and gives this one a C. I think that's a fair assessment.
  3. Whoops, looks like I double posted. This interface is strange. Is there a way to delete posts?
  4. Ah! Thanks! Ordinary Victories looks like the English title. And the kit is as cute as I remember. What a wonderful surprise, thank you, Psychophant.
  5. Oh lawd the pretty cats. Pandemic time warp got me thinking about this place again. This cat thread reminds me of something Arkan posted years ago, a French graphic novel called...Ordinary Battles? Or at least the translation was something like that. He raved about it. The cover had a man resting on the floor with a tiny, tiny cat curled up in his stomach. It was achingly cute. I never was able to find a copy of it. Roommate's cat. For the tax.
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