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  1. It's been a lot of fun looking at how they've changed it for TV purposes. De-Gibsonified it with a touch more of the old ultraviolence and that kind of thing. I think it feels pretty Gibson-y still (and so does West World) and I've enjoyed the West World series as a sci-fi world that doesn't seem committed to maintaining a status quo so I'm hopeful for their take on Gibson being not crap (true so far). Def prefer weekly release cycles vs the Netflix all-at-once style. Get to sit with them for a bit and maybe give 'em a rewatch.
  2. jbx

    I miss forums

    This all seems cromulent and quite congruent with my experiences, also showing my age. ;D Twitter and Slack and Discord being non-threaded are just incomprehensible unless you're *there at the time* when whatever the thing is starts. Very much agree about reading\rereading old threads. But surely that's almost exclusively the domain of old heads. I'll have a look at the Chaosium forums...
  3. "Boards" as they're known 'round these parts. Non-threaded and topicalized stuff, Twitter, Discord\Slack\Teams, are terrible for compartmentalizing. Reddit and other heavily topical sites (StackExchange) are terrible for getting to know folks. Like the WGB used to be I often think the sign of a healthy board or forum is when most of the posting is in the off-topic channels. Means folks are engaging with each other and not just engaging with the content. Creates community. Which makes things good. Modern web kinda prevents this. Anyway.... I miss WGB being active. I miss forums. Modern web is kinda trash. Anybody got any forums they'd recommend? I sometimes hit up herogames.com/forums but that's pretty niche. ;D
  4. I like it when the things still exists. Cue our illustrious namesakes observation about Atlantis sinking beneath the waves. Same for forums and blogs. Sad to see them go. Conversely I find great (small) pleasure in finding people abandoned blogs. Lots of reasonable posts from 2008-20011 or something and then peters out. Fun to do that sort of digital archeology. That is to say: I like your standing message to the void. Just hanging out on the digital edge of the digital world a digital menhir observing.
  5. Anyone playing with this at home? Some living in the future shit for sure. Got it working on Molly now, Count Zero next...
  6. Everybody is here now! My thrice yearly trips to WGB can resume!
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