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  1. Speaking of street photography, I got into photography in the 80's due to skateboarding. Naturally, street photography and skateboarding augment one another, and skateboarders have provided photographers with models, inspiration and photographers. One of skateboardings greatest skaters AND photographers, and my personal favorite shooter is Ed Templeton, pro skater, skateboard company "Toy Machine" founder, and bad ass street photog. Some of my favorite Ed T. shots revolve around being american. Ed and his wife, Deanna Anyway, he's pretty accessible, and will chat you up on the twitter if he likes something. Has a few books out, too. "Teenage Smokers" and "Lick" are two of my favorites.
  2. YES!!!! That slipped into my playlist a couple weeks back. Amazing.
  3. Love the Martin Parr! Thanks, Wanderer! This one struck me:
  4. sometimes you have to let things simmer. I know I haven't really shot anything since taking charge of the photo studio I manage. And I was too tired last night to bring my real camera out like I wanted... Ironic, no?
  5. This is most of the Olympic range in one frame. I am taking a real camera to this spot tonight.
  6. last night. Olympic peninsula from seattle. sun had already set, but was refracting over the horizon....
  7. Empire is the only one I can watch anymore, but I always felt the first two ought to have been one single film. Everything else is a bank run.
  8. When I worked LP, I had to adjust my interactive approach for things like mental illnesses, drug abuse and other internal and external factors that often prompted seemingly irrational behaviour from otherwise friendly people. Always just chalked it up to an imbalance of some sort. God knows we all have our moments. At least, I do.
  9. I've always thought Lucas was incredibly lazy lifting his major plot points from the bible and whatnot, but damn did he resell the story, or what? Nine different iterations and counting, and the general public still guzzles it down like nectar. My theory, gleaned from decades showing films, is that the general public does not want to see anything new. They want a new spin on an old, familiar tale. They want to be entertained, not engaged, and they certainly don't want to think too hard about anything. This might be a distinctly American POV, but I doubt it.
  10. Being banned from FB and Twitter has resulted in me being way more active and engaged with life.
  11. Thank you, I'll post more. I was tasked with making that wall into a chalk board, and in my encouraging others to use it, i seem to have rekindled my love of illustration. That sunset one was for a photographers retirement. The portrait we commissioned from a local artist.
  12. That in itself says something. The lack of concern about trends, fashion etc., sets you apart. I had to really learn how to blend in with normal people when I was working loss prevention.
  13. I wear free clothes, almost exclusively, because I resent having to shell out money for things like that. I haven't had my hair cut since the 90's. I cut my own, but haven't done so in over a year. Funny thing is, as an employee of a major fashion retailer, I now get some of the most amazing free clothes in the world. Some jackets I recently acquired: Diesel nylon motorcycle jacket (I would never pay 250 dollars for a jacket, but.... free.) 65.00 Nike SB Shield Coaches Jacket
  14. Sorry, xen0. I've been there so many times. All you can do is keep trying. fwiw.
  15. Damn, the old school music scene has taken a couple recent hits.. My namesake, Mr. Leon Redbone passed last week And today goes Dr. John the Nite Tripper. Sad times.
  16. one last daisy with ladybug
  17. moar stuffs painting we commissioned for a photoshoot MeEz more chalk arts i did
  18. some stuff.... flowers in morning light chalk art i do for work sunrise on lake washington
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