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  1. Thanks HB! At 46, staying in with my better half was as much excitement I could take.
  2. Boogerhead

    Tour dates!

    I'll be at the Lake Forest Park reading.
  3. Congrats, Xeno! I'm kinda envious of the location. I've had it with Seattle.... The only thing keeping me here now is my awesome job. I've been facilities coordinator at Studio N for about a year and a half now. Earned a 17% raise, bought a truck, moved into a real house for the first time since 1990. My manager has gone on an unplanned sabbatical to care for his mother in law. She developed hyper-rapid onset dementia, and they're still trying to figure out why. She was fine one day, then that night she was freaking out about all the people she thought was trying to kill her. Some dementia, some schizoid symptoms. So they had to move her in with them, as she needs 24 hour supervision. Having watched my own grandmother slowly succumb to the ravages of Alzheimer's, and watching an Aunt deteriorate from ALS, I know the sort of stressors my boss is weathering right now, and am doing my best to keep our studio out of his mind. This has given me a tremendous amount of OT, but has also forced me to step into a building manager role. I am doing great and making it look easy. but it is kinda exhausting. 5 more weeks to go....
  4. this is a pic from around 30 years ago. Me and my friend Laura grew up together. We first met in church at around age 3, and were lifelong friends. In 1993 or 4, Laura moved to Illinois to go to college, and I moved to Seattle. Laura died in 96 from "intestinal perforation". I've never been able to find out how that happens. How does someone's intestines get perforated? Anyway, I knew this girl for a long, long time, and miss her tremendously.
  5. I was pretty impressed with that Russian beast they called a tractor.
  6. lol, Psychopant FTW! WE were both incorrect...
  7. Wow! Thanks Psychophant!
  8. lol... It was a soviet tank, I believe... Sunk to keep it out of Nazi hands.
  9. boy in estonia finds something out of Pattern Recognition... Sat there for half a century....
  10. this is a video presentation my friend Marco, one of our photogs put together of his portraiture. There are quite a few of me in there..
  11. What's funny is I cultivated that psycho look into a weapon. I utilized the uncertainty so many times, it became an asset.
  12. My colleagues at Studio N. Me not included. Me prefers behind lens places.
  13. But now that you mention it, Pete is looking VERY Bigend in that pic.....
  14. lol, that's Pete & Eric Nordstrom, and yeah, that rando chick is Katie Holmes. I was offered an LP position at the new store, but I like my photo studio.
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