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  1. For the first time in my life, I have no fur babies. I've taken to befriending the cats that roam my neighborhood... I've officially become a crazy person. This is cute...
  2. IDK what to think of this: Thanks, Oliver Cabell....
  3. Boogerhead

    Tour dates!

    so bummed. First one I have missed since PR.
  4. Boogerhead

    Tour dates!

    I was planning on attending last night's reading, but work interfered. I am rather devastated.
  5. yeah, I have been thinking of Bravus, Lithos, Misty, & Herr Kuchen a lot lately...
  6. It's funny, I got into Vandermeer through a mutual friend, Jesse Bullington. Jesse wrote "The Sad Tale Of The Brothers Grossbart", "The Enterprise of Death" and "The Folly of the World". I wrote a amazon review of "The Bros. G", and ended up corresponding with Jesse, eventually sending me his gally sheets for "Enterprise". Imagine my delight when I found out the name of his agent at Orbit books was, at the time, a certain mr. Jack Womack. Small, and funny smelling.
  7. I <i>really</i> enjoyed Borne. I don't know if he's going to tie the Southern Reach into Borne/Dead Astronauts via the company or what, but that blue fox referred to in the synopsis of DA is from the Borne universe, as is the company itself. The fox guides the titular "Strange Bird" through some pretty messed up tribulations.... I find a strange beauty in the bleakness of the alternate dimension dumping grounds the company made...
  8. Read(ing) by Jeff Vandermeer: "The Strange Bird" which is really an alternative viewpoint of the world created in his brilliant novel "Borne", wherein the motivations and perversions of the antagonist are laid bare by a creature of dubious origins yet beautiful innocence. "Annihilation" Which they made into a movie that wasn't terrible, but doesn't even bear a striking resemblance to the novel. The novel is atmospherically creepy as hell, and builds in suspense and mystery while it continually ratchets up the terror quotient. "Authority" is the sequel to "Annihilation", and the second of what Jeff calls "The Southern Reach" trilogy. It begins right where "Annihilation" ends... Vandermeer is a very good storyteller, and is able to create a fully developed world in scene after scene of paranoid intrigue, otherworldly mystery and human frailty. He has a very dense prose, quite reminiscent of Mr. G, and is quite thoroughly readable. After I read "Borne", I knew I'd be reading all of his books. Cannot recommend enough.
  9. The Watchmen was AWESOME! I refused to watch the movie because of teh dumbing down of it all, but this series was stupendous. I hope they're able to do a second season, but would totally understand if they just let it stand alone. It's almost better that way. Finally Saw "US" by Jordan Peele, and it completely reinforced my opinion that Jordan Peele is an important filmmaker. Went and saw "Joker" in the theater. First time I have been in a theater in 20 years, and it ended up being one I built. IDK what to say about "Joker", other than fucken BRAVO. Holy shit. They proved Scorsese wrong with his criticism of comic book adaptations not being "cinema". Every. Single. Frame. is GORGEOUS, but every single interaction is horrifying. Astounding dichotomy. I found myself laughing inappropriately, which seemed appropriate.... Amazing film.
  10. I haven't use it in over a decade, but I still shudder whenever i see the word "Powerpoint".
  11. That's a pretty good article. I like how often Biggles made the scene.
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