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  1. Why you gotta badmouth Benny, man?
  2. Everyone always says talking to someone helps, like in person, therapeutic. I don't know man, but I would mourn your absence.... I know this year has me travelling through some pretty dark places, and it has been harder than ever not to crawl back into a bottle. I get to finish 2020 having all my teeth pulled out, so, there. Be glad you can eat with your own teeth, you whippersnapper! All jokes aside, this plague is giving us all a slow burning PTSD epidemic.
  3. What was the musician/dancer freak Chevelle had a run in with in ATP? Redneck AF, on CP designer drugs... Yeah, Bill did that.
  4. I feel like he's done "country cyberpunk" with teh Peripheral clan.
  5. Thats Mike Paton on Vocals, and Trey Spruance on lead, Trevor Dunn on bass, and they've added DAVE LOMBARDO on drums and SCOTT IAN on guitar!
  6. The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo, by Mr. Bungle. Got Dayum Amaze-balls.
  7. THPS 1 and 2 for PS4. It is what it is: Best video game ever.
  8. Bob Ross was an amazing warrior poet. The best ever. Truly a great compliment.
  9. Grandmother diagnosed with dementia. Fuck 2020.... In half.
  10. 2 minutes to late night is so very awesome....
  11. I am now the owner of a 2010 Toyota 4runner. I miss my dodge, but not the huge gas bill...
  12. THPS 1&2 reimagined for the ps4 is much awesomeness.
  13. Absolutely unscathed. I hate the term, but "Miracle". Someone ought to have died that night.
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