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  1. THPS 1 and 2 for PS4. It is what it is: Best video game ever.
  2. Bob Ross was an amazing warrior poet. The best ever. Truly a great compliment.
  3. Grandmother diagnosed with dementia. Fuck 2020.... In half.
  4. 2 minutes to late night is so very awesome....
  5. I am now the owner of a 2010 Toyota 4runner. I miss my dodge, but not the huge gas bill...
  6. THPS 1&2 reimagined for the ps4 is much awesomeness.
  7. Absolutely unscathed. I hate the term, but "Miracle". Someone ought to have died that night.
  8. Not today, Friday. We'd left thursday morning for the Olympic peninsula, to the Hoh river. After a night on my favorite sandbar, we were driving down the coast checking out as many beaches as we felt safe looking at. Down 101 past Ruby Beach toward Ocean Shores. Took 109 to 115 to get to the beach, and as I am doing about 50 mph passing a casino parking lot heading south, a guy flies out into the intersection turning toward the southbound lane, after blowing a stop sign. I swerved to avoid being "t-boned", and gunned the 5.9 litre, 360 v8 that lives in my Durango and steered into th
  9. Thanks! I got it for free, as it was a sample we shot for last spring. I love it too. I can't remember the brand... "Urban youth" or something. I probably couldn't afford it, but somewhere along the line, I stopped needing to actually purchase clothing. I have so many shoes at the moment, there are at least 20 pairs I haven't even worn...
  10. There is a vacuum in Nordstrom corporate management that I might be called upon to fill if I ain't careful. So many people retired early, got laid off, quit.... My current manager reports directly to a family member. I really don't want to leave my niche, but there is an infrastructure to rebuild. Friggin' crazy times.
  11. Been back to work for a month and a half now. Still kicking. I am really wary of late August/early October, as the second wave of the virus cresting ought to coincide with the Trump admin cancelling our 2020 federal elections... Yeah, hilarity will ensue. I don't see business staying open more than a couple months from now, then the death and rioting will start in earnest. There ain't a chance in hell president Fucktard is going to allow an election when he has a tailor-made disaster staring him in the face daring him to cancel them.
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