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  1. I mean... I've been homeless, but current times have me seriously considering just randomly attacking junkies.
  2. Found out that the guy I performed CPR on last year OD'd again. This time I wasn't there, and he died. I literally pumped another year into him, and he squandered it on heroin. That shit's the devil.
  3. lol.... Yeah, no. I've decided against it. Not so much the pepper spray, but the memories of knives and guns... ...and syringes.
  4. I absolutely love my current employment situation, but due to my experience in security and loss prevention, a local firm has made an offer that is a huge in regards to the pay rate differential. I don't like the thought of running a security team again, but am considering it. The starting wage is 25% more than I am currently pulling in...
  5. Boogerhead

    Woah News

    F-35s and F-15s just obliterated an entire Iraqi island to root out ISIS fighters
  6. This has been so funny to watch, all the little Swifties getting reverse generation-gapped. Most of these twits are like "Who are 'Tool', some new band?" Freakin' hilarious....
  7. 200+ strikes in less than an hour in the muni area, 1750+ in western washington during the same time frame. That was a once in a lifetime storm for this region.
  8. "I’m not gonna give the world a human child, so this is my offering." Chelsea Wolfe
  9. As a security professional, if you need 9 people to back you up for what ought to be a single de-escalation scenario, you done fucked up already.
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