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  1. I have been furloughed and at home for a week and a half. Bored as hell. Other day, I baked a goddamn apple pie, for christ sake... Wearing a respirator to the only businesses open in town, the grocery stores. Try to only go once a week... Same tank of gas been in my truck three weeks, though... At least the weed stores are deemed essential. Smoking like a rasta for weeks now...
  2. I like this song, but it seems to be their best.
  3. Fuck it all. HAIL THE APOCALYPSE!!
  4. I want to nuke Wuhan. I want to break Trump's nose. I want to kick Mitch Mcconnell in the spot where his balls ought to have been. I am ready to start some fires, build some bombs. This whole fucking experiment was a lie from the start.
  5. So, word came down from on high: Close the studio. I have 2 days to shut down the largest commercial photo studio on the west coast for an indeterminate amount of time. Fuck it all.
  6. For some reason, that's the best I have ever been able to do. At my worst, I was frequently awake for 48 to 72 hours before grabbing 3 or 4 hours.... Sleep is overrated.
  7. I am literally driving merch and equipment to photographers houses in order to get the shots. Wack.
  8. I was in our flagship store today. Just me. Weirdest feeling ever. just wandering all alone through an empty Nordstrom.... Feels quite apocalyptic.
  9. For the next two weeks, yeah, but I don't know how long that can last. My little corner of their empire is still functioning, but a photo studio can run on a skeleton crew. We're not hiring models, so all shots are "dynamic look". Essentially we're staging still life pictures. I have been the ghost in Nordstrom HQ, as they're all closed too, but my teams are working remotely. I get an email telling me what merch is where, and I retrieve it, get the shot and return the merch. There's plenty of cleaning and repairs around here too, so I am lucky in that I don't have to use PTO or take a loss. Even if they sent me home and paid me, they wouldn't pay me the overtime I consistently log... Super weird times...
  10. Gas usage aside, I am not passed on the street unless I allow it.
  11. Nordstrom, my employer just closed their entire chain of full-line and Rack stores for 2 weeks.
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