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  1. Nailed it: 'Pulp Fiction' in space.
  2. corruption is something I have had to learn to ignore. There will always be corruption, it is a strong social motivator. Being a non conformist tends to make you into a soft target for those among us who define themselves by other folks metrics. Funny thing about alcohol.... It has been safe for human consumption longer than we've had clean drinking water. In the middle ages, they had spirits, wine, mead and ale, but they had no clean drinking water. People were drunk all the time, from sunup to sundown. This means society, governments and laws were basically created by drunken cave men. It might not make you feel better, but it sure does explain a lot.
  3. Emptying out the gulags into the front.... nice. Humans are a virus.
  4. I have quite a few contacts within Amazon. They headhunt the shit out of Nordstrom....
  5. A company like Amazon is big enough to navigate a career path, i'd think. I mean, I had to watch people steal shit from my employer and try to catch as many as possible for three years, but I managed to leverage that by utilizing their corporate structure to my advantage. Making the jump from retail loss prevention to coordinating a photo studio and hangar was tricky, but working with HR and my department manager and being up front about my intention brought results. I guess I'm saying if you put in the time, even a shitty warehouse position can turn into something more fun. Usually, they'll utilize internal candidates before outside hiring, so you'll have a leg up on a fair percentage of the competition. They'll also post internally before posting publicly, so if there's a position you want, you can apply and interview first. You wanna talk shitty jobs? I once worked a summer shovelling horse shit.
  6. The ad was created in 2008 by Nokia for a limited edition Bruce Lee cell phone.
  7. Not necessarily metal, but IDK what to call 'Demon Head'. My first: My favorite: and their newest: They are a pretty awesome band.
  8. social media is a public health hazard, a disease.
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