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  1. Are we the degenerate and inbred ‘Pitcairn’ islanders?
  2. That sounds like an excellent photographic opportunity. Around my neck of the glob, the pestilence is mobile. Asshats with ATVs and the like, shredding the landscape, silence and clean air at their noisy leisure.
  3. I just finished Jeff Noon's A Man of Shadows and as is my tendency I'm finding metaphorical parallels. I imagine the ghost-towns of the 'net as the Dusklands in the Noon's story. In a vast city of artificially enforced day with an equal section with a kind of neglectfully maintained eternal night - the two sections of the city are segregated with a twilit dusk that pushes the two apart with an unworldly fog while also seeming to be the physical repository for the city's fear and melancholy for lost time. Towns where our past life moments and thoughts still roam through a colourless textured structure that is at once familiar and anachronistic. A place we can still sometimes visit but not really feel at home again - like an old apartment that one moved out of years before. Others can only be glimpsed from afar in the archives of the wayback machine. Not to be touched but only remembered. I'm rambling unedited. My apologies. It's been that kind of day. I changed my mother-in-law's tires for winters in the rainy driveway and then ate too much Tikka masala. I'm ready for bed suddenly and it's only 1pm. HBoots; you run two Twitter accounts? Me too - but my reasons for it have changed over the years. Mastadon? Yep. Used it for a week and forgot about it. Too lazy for revolution. Twilight; Hawaii would so kick the ass of East Coast Canada in the wintertime. Oh not to shovel frozen shit for 6 months a year!
  4. Thank you. Thank you. I have found myself listening to audiobook versions of Mr. Gibson's novels somewhat obsessively lately - while I apply acrylic ink and paints to various surfaces. The recent "source code" (how many such-labelled items are afloat in this unmoored world?) interview with him about The Peripheral and then Agency whet my appetite for new input. The wheel needs momentum attached to particles to turn. It's good to be. I also find Twitter and so many corporate eyeball platforms to be turning into their worst versions of themselves. Where's my cowboy hat?
  5. Today I discovered this Board - again. The other place seemed so unusually quiet and empty. Now I see all those people and topics I remember! Zen mind N00b mind.
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