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  1. Speaking of random, in case you wondered how important their consumers and small businesses were to big banks, this gives you an idea of the scale.
  2. Again the scale is very different. Industrial systems like the southern plantations or south American resource extraction are limited only by the amount of labor they can bring to bear. Systems like Sparta required slaves to support the population directly, but Sparta wasn't growing stuff for export so there was an upper limit on the number of slaves needed. Slaves in societies like this represent a cost while for industrial systems each additional slave creates greater profit.
  3. It wasn't industrialized nor did the native Americans rely on it to make their economic systems work. The scale is what separates the two examples. While slavery has existed for thousands of years in some form or another the importation of Africans to South and North America was profit driven. It also was required to make the economics of both the exploitation of south America and the economy of the southern U.S. function.
  4. "Serial monogamist" is what my therapist would call him. Despite the cheating, that was her term for somebody that moved from one relationship right into the next. He is really taking it to the next level by moving countries for each one I'm guessing he really doesn't want to be alone, so he stays in a relationship far past its sell-by date to line up the next one. He might not even realize what he is doing (not that this makes it better). I saw that pattern start to develop in my own life with the first woman I dated after my marriage so I ended it with her and set out to be single for a bit. It turned out the be a short time until I hooked up with the Girl, but my therapist's advice convinced me I was at risk of becoming that guy.
  5. A New Yorker that moved to florida told me he got why southerners talked and did things slowly his first summer down there, "It's too hot to do anything fast!"
  6. The Booth at the End https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1554369/ On amazon, this series from 2011-2012 is delightfully noir-ish. The man at the end of the booth will give you a task, complete it and you get something you want. It feels like an extended session of therapy, where people talk about their feelings and reveal the petty, altruistic, monstrous, and heartwarming things that they want and you see just how far they will go to get them.
  7. GOP is making gun regulation noises with their mouth holes. I don't expect much to come of that. In other news, I realized yesterday after posting that Letterkenny clip that our office receptionist looks (in the face) like Bonnie McMurray.
  8. I think I attended the 4th and/or 5th of these shows. http://www.tampabaymusichistory.com/tampa-bay-metal-awards.php LOL at "Sakajaweeda" I'd forgotten about them. We also had some great glam bands too
  9. Note, this is not the real Economist, just their blog, and the paper they are talking about is bullshit but whatever.
  10. Our work gets quoted a lot in some circles but this is the first time we have made The Economist. https://www.economist.com/democracy-in-america/2019/08/02/can-gentrification-be-a-force-for-positive-social-change
  11. I think I met him once, back in the day. They were from Tampa, you know.
  12. I have seen it in person it is pretty cool.
  13. I thought you had been running a lot? Is that not happening? They are all pretty waterproof because sweat, you know? Apple watch, fitbit, etc all work fine. What are you trying to measure?
  14. I think I got through book 5, I have seen just the first season of the show I think. I felt like the books kind of wandered a bit into the fantastical, and frankly got too dark for me.
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