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  1. Its a job, not a career. Take and see where it goes.
  2. New report shows that the Canadian housing market appears to have been comprised in equal parts of maple syrup and Chinese drug money. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/full-report-part-2-of-peter-german-s-b-c-money-laundering-investigation-1.4416100
  3. Is there a 'measure'? My waist is more like 42 inches according to a tape measure. This is a size I have NEVER bought, so what have I been wearing? I am about ready to try business casual sweatpants.
  4. Why is buying pants hard? I have been wearing some Nautica jeans I got from Goodwill maybe a year ago that are 38 inches in the waist according to their label. After losing about 15 pounds this past year I am swimming in them and some khakis I wear to work a lot (also 38 inches at the waist). I went to a store today and bought a pair of Levi jeans and Dockers khakis, both in 36 inch waists. Not even close to fitting. I am not buying Gabriel Hounds here, folks. I just want something that buttons and doesn't fall off my ass, how is labeling hard?
  5. Homely little fucker wasn't he?
  6. I don't know man, it looks all Marvel-y. And one black guy in the movie. You might as well put him in a red shirt and send him to the surface with Captain Kirk, Bones, and Spock.
  7. https://www.newyorker.com/culture/on-and-off-the-avenue/from-grunt-style-to-warcore-civilians-are-embracing-military-fashion From Grunt Style to “Warcore,” Civilians Are Embracing Military Fashion Your trench coat, your chinos, your Father’s Day necktie—your closet overflows with gear that was originally worn by stout patriots, fearful conscripts, and paid killers. But this warcore thing is new. We are a long way from 1996, when the critic Suzy Menkes, writing in the Times about couture camouflage, deconstructed khaki, and crypto-fascist tailoring, could correctly say that “the linkage of fashion with war is problematical” and reason that fashion’s “raiding of blood-soaked references” might “seem crassly exploitative.” Once upon a time, fashion only osmosed military looks after they had outlived their functionality. Now, in a time of endless war, heedless consumption, and great social stratification, all bets are off. Not too many of the people buying a nylon “mini military chest rig” from Alyx know the people who actually use military chest rigs.
  8. The Black Echo - Michael Connelly I have really enjoyed the Amazon series based off these books so I decided to try it out. But the writing is so stilted and much of the story focused oddly on the antiquated office technology of the LAPD of 1980s that I am giving up on it. The characters have none of the dimension that makes the show interesting and lets you sympathize with them.
  9. No. Just no. Unless you know a lot more about cars than I think you do or unless you know a really cute mechanic you want to spend a LOT more time with....
  10. Eve has a pretty good mobile app, you can see and respond to in game mail, get motifications of some events, see pictures and get basic stats. I only use it rarely, but for some players, I guess especially corporation leadership, it is handy.
  11. http://ibrinfo.org/ This is the site for help with knowing how to pay the smallest amount you have to for your student loans. That is going to be important as you start to see your income change.
  12. 3:23 is actually the funniest bit
  13. I can see xeno now
  14. The Tick I finally took the time to start in on this one and have really enjoyed the first few episodes of S1. Without spoiling much its like Watchmen, Greatest American Hero, and Big Bang Theory were all rolled into one 30 minute action comedy.
  15. London Irish Four dumb Irish friends drinking their way through London, fucking anything that moves and stealing random cats. A lot like Letterkenny, almost like a sketch comedy with the same characters thrown into different situations.
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