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  1. And just in case you want to know what a monster (see my post above) looks like. I am in the blue shirt, the pedophile that I worked with is next to me. We were that close for over four years and I really never knew.
  2. That thing where you go to use the work bathroom that is a single because you are not just urinating and the woman that sits nearby says "good morning!" as soon you you leave and you just know she was sitting there watching the door as you pooped.
  3. In more horrific news. I read the statement of facts from the police about my former colleague's crimes and they were so much worse than just pics on his computer. The man is a monster.
  4. I am not in any way familiar with this situation, but my understanding is that sexual abuse and sexual assault allegations are very rarely completely fabricated. The accusers suffer almost as much as they do in the actual attack, both by reliving the ordeal and enduring the inevitable social consequences of speaking up.
  5. I found out last night that a work friend was arrested last week for child porn on his computer. He is an older guy, and had been having health issues, so we thought at first that he was out for medical reasons. But the leadership of our organization starting acting really weird about it and yesterday announced that he was no longer employed with us. I had a few occasions to have a drink with him. He could go from friendly to wildly inappropriate with a couple of drinks in him. After several other staff came to me about it and we didn't get any answers to repeated texts I got curious. Court data is normally pretty easy to search if you are patient and understand a bit about the structure of the legal system where you are looking. DC doesn't allow online checks of arrest records but you just need to call them. First I went online to schedule a visitation at the jail, something that requires you to register and list the inmate you want to see. It located his name, which told me it was really likely he was there. I called their records office of the jail and they confirmed it. When I asked for the charges she hesitated and then told me that the US Circuit Court doesn't list the charges where she can see them. She was lying, but that is ok. He wasn't in superior court where I had been looking but in federal court. The federal circuit court does have online access with a sign in to view case summaries. There I found this case, and a solicitation charge from 2011 that I guess we didn't know about. I am not shocked but still disappointed. In part I am just upset at the stereotypical nature of this whole situation. A gay, former Catholic priest has a thing for underage porn. I mean really... how unoriginal. We had talked a bit about his time at the Vatican, and he painted a picture of lurid cruising scenes around Rome that a lot of priests were a part of, and always with younger men. A reporter alerted our leadership to this when it happened a couple of weeks ago, but they haven't run a story about it yet. I guess it really isn't news these days? I don't know. He used to tell me about how proud he was of some of the youth work he did as a priest. Now I have to wonder what really happened back then.
  6. Yeah I was talking about weed. I got my medical card last month. This is a really bizarre experience in regulatory hypocrisy. I asked my regular doctor, "Hey Doc, I have this chronic back pain where your x-ray shows too much curvature in my spine. Physical therapy hasn't worked and the therapist made it clear they probably can't help me, and although a Chiropractor can help it isn't really practical for me to go the get an adjustment three times a week. But when I was in California and tried pot before I went to bed I didn't wake up with crippling pain. Can we try pot?" Him, "No." Me, "Sorry, I meant 'medical cannabis'?" Him, "No." So I go online and find the Maryland makes it super easy to apply for legal weed medical cannabis and there was a provider less than a mile from my house that could certify my application. I call them and make an appointment. The only appointments are in the evening since the doctor there is a real doctor with a real job at a hospital all day and I guess being a weed doctor medical cannabis provider doesn't pay the bills on its own? The scheduler is a person named Omm. I am guessing his parents smoked a lot of pot medical cannabis. When I go in the office was almost exactly what you would expect a weed office to be like, statues of Ganesh, rugs and tapestries all over everything and incense scented ... something. I never saw incense but the place smelled like every head shop I have even been in. The doctor was on point though, he went through all of the different kinds of weed and how they are delivered, with clear instructions on best practices and how to feel out what works best for me. He then gave me a bunch of coupons and printed out my card. That was it, I visited a couple of dispensaries over the next week and started with gummies but found them too inconsistent. I started buying pre-rolls and found out what I liked, and last night I bought an 1/8th. My back issues have subsided and I don't wake up feeling like a question mark every morning. I still do my stretching and exercise, but the weed has been pretty awesome at helping resolve that problem, in addition to being a lot of fun to get high on. In addition, I guess I may have been experiencing some anxiety as well. I didn't try and think about it too much but I was drinking 2-3 beers many nights and 8-10 on weekend nights. Then I would want to smoke tobacco since I was drinking beer or whiskey. Three hits of pot and I don't want any of that, whatever stress or anxiety made me want a beer is gone and I can actually relax. I always avoided pot; the threat of arrest, the sketchy people that you had to deal with, etc all kept me from it. Despite the ridiculous hurdles to get it here compared with places where it is legal for recreational use it has been a great experience so far.
  7. when you get unexpectedly high off a gummie because you didn't eat much all day and you still have to yell at your kid to do the damn dishes already
  8. I am sure this was shared before but I just saw it. I truly hope WG got paid for this, because it looks like their just took Johnny Mnemonic and Neuromancer, mashed them together with a healthy dose of testosterone and made a video game.
  9. You really miss that smell of pepper spray don't you?
  10. Florida rainstorm. Here in Maryland if it thunders at all people think it is some sort of bomb going off.
  11. Reading REAMDE now. I like it a lot but I am not totally sure what its about.
  12. Speaking of random, in case you wondered how important their consumers and small businesses were to big banks, this gives you an idea of the scale.
  13. Again the scale is very different. Industrial systems like the southern plantations or south American resource extraction are limited only by the amount of labor they can bring to bear. Systems like Sparta required slaves to support the population directly, but Sparta wasn't growing stuff for export so there was an upper limit on the number of slaves needed. Slaves in societies like this represent a cost while for industrial systems each additional slave creates greater profit.
  14. It wasn't industrialized nor did the native Americans rely on it to make their economic systems work. The scale is what separates the two examples. While slavery has existed for thousands of years in some form or another the importation of Africans to South and North America was profit driven. It also was required to make the economics of both the exploitation of south America and the economy of the southern U.S. function.
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